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You will learn how to manage your food intake, and what is good and not so good to eat to maintain a healthy weight. You will discover how to lose weight if that is a concern for you, and you can manage body image issues also. You can change your image, with both exercise and a controlled calorie intake. Building muscles is a way of managing a weight problem too.

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I have been a fully qualified Personal  Fitness Trainer for over 30 years now, and believe a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind which in turn leads to a healthy body.

Over the years, I have learned many things that I have always shared with my clients, so I started this website in 2010 to share even more.  This site has been evolving ever since.

I regularly add content, so please bookmark MusclesforWomen.com and be sure to come back as here you will find lots of great tips and advice for every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

I have friends who give me advice also, friends in the beauty industry and the health food industry.  With this in mind, I am planning to add lots more nutrition information, good food updates along with healthy recipes too.

Exercise, good food, hydration … let’s get healthy!!

Help – I’ve Let Myself Go!

You’ve let yourself go? Or you are unfortunate enough to naturally gain weight, have issues with weight gain, cellulite, body image issues, the list goes on and on.

So, will exercise get rid of cellulite? Well don’t sit around on your cellulite, give it a go and see for yourself – surely that is really the only way to find out whether it will or not.

It has been proven that exercise can get rid of cellulite in certain individuals – I get emails from women every day with their happy success stories – but everybody’s makeup and situation is different – so you really have to “suck it and see”!!

If you are going to try to get rid of your cellulite with exercise, then it is recommended that you do a combination of both cardiovascular and anaerobic or strength training exercises. In addition to exercise, you should start (if you haven’t already) a low-fat, well-balanced diet plan as well as drink plenty of water throughout the day. Daily recommendations for water intake is between 2 to 3 litres, however if 3 litres is really out of your reach, 2 will suffice.

Your diet should include lean protein such as white meat (chicken) or fish, vegetables, pulses and healthy fats such as olive oil (although in moderation).

So, back to the exercise. If you would like to try the following exercise routine, I am sure you will see some satisfactory results in less than 3 to 4 months.

Try this amazing new diet – best way to lose fat and still eat all of your favourite foods.

The Only Proven Ways To Build glutes and legs And How You Can Be a part of The Physique Top-notch

  The lower body muscle groups included in this exercise are very important for good stability in various other activities, which means this move meshes with virtually all conditioning objectives well. It needs a little bit of getting used to, to properly target your thighs and butt muscles, but after you do this, you will notice good gains. Train Faster For The Burn (lactic Acid) To Increase Human Growth Hormone Production Circuits quite often incorporate the use of steps, stretch bands, mats, perhaps pull-up bars or gymnasium beams, but they can be put in place employing little or no apparatus. For these reasons, circuit training is ideal in a home or gym based program of resistance training. Whenever the end goal is to maximize overall strength, then a resisted exercise for each of the bigger groups of muscles would be selected, to recruit one group at any given time. The muscles can only work most effectively and efficiently if they are hydrated all the way through the exercise session. Keep some liquids (or an isotonic sports drink) handy and sip regularly. This is extremely important to be able to keep your heart beat up as you advance through the session . Be aware that for anyone who is managing 25-30 repetitions of any exercise, you’re not working at a high enough percentage of your 1 Repetition Maximum to build up strength levels. You will, however, be boosting muscular endurance. Increase instability: In preference to exercising using a weight training bench, use an exercise ball to make your body continually work as a way to keep stability. Circuits work really well for a wide variety of …

Make Up Tips: Blending with Fingers

Blending your make up with your fingers is easy. If you want a natural make-up finish but don’t have your brushes handy, the perfect tools are at your fingertips. Brushes are a fantastic way to blend make-up, but your fingers are great tools too. They can add colour to your face exactly where you want it, the warmth of your skin makes blending easy, and you can top up your make-up without carrying a brush roll around. See below to find out how to use your fingers to apply four different make-up essentials, and create a gorgeous, professional-looking finish in moments. Backstage at fashion snows, top make-up artists use their fingers for blending to create a smooth finish in minimal time. Do’s and Don’ts Do wash your hands before you start to avoid spreading dirt. Don’t bacteria apply too much pressure – this can rub the make-up off Do be wary if you have long nails – you could scratch your skin Don’t forget powder formulas absorb oil from skin – so use a very light touch Do wash your hands after blending to avoid staining clothes Don’t give up on brushes completely – they’re great for more tricky applications Step-by-step blending with fingers Before you begin, make sure your nails aren’t too sharp or have any ragged ends. File them neatly to prevent scratching the skin’s surface. LITTLE FINGER Perfect for: eye liner Use a soft kohl pencil to draw tiny dashes along your top lid. With the pad of your little finger, smudge the colour together, keeping it close to the lash base. Work from the inner to the outer corner, taking care …

Best Feet Treatments

Which FEET TREAT? When your feet are sore or achy, it can make you look and feel tired, stressed and irritable. Discover the best feet treats to take away that frown and make you feel better all over. Looking gorgeous all over means that you need to include your feet in your beauty routine too. It might sound like the last thing you feel like doing at the end of the day but even a five-minute foot pampering session can help to relax or refresh you, and boost your sense of wellbeing. The most popular treatments for feet are designed to deal with their biggest beauty problems – a build-up of hard skin, dry skin, and stiffness and tension. Find out what’s available and work out what’s best for you. FOOT MASSAGERS Foot massage aids offer different levels of massage. Pick the one that suits your needs. Light massage gives you a pampering treat after a tiring day. Try a foot spa, a specially-shaped foot bath that gently massages or vibrates your feet. You fill it up with water, turn it on and rest your feet on the jets or rollers. Or try self massage. Medium massage eases stiffness and tension. Use a foot massager, which is a set of small massage balls – you rub your feet over the balls to improve flexibility and boost blood flow. It works through your socks and you can use it at work or at home. Penetrating massage helps to relieve deeper pain – the perfect choice after a day wearing high heels. Try a vibrating massager, an electrical device with vibrating pads which massage your feet. FEET TREATMENTS: …

Healthy Juice Drinks and Juicing

Keep your body healthy, with lots of different fresh juicing drinks.

Juice up fresh fruit and / or vegetables for a daily concentrated vitamin shot.

Check out our sister website juicingcafe.com

And a quick recipe to start the day would be:

2 apples, 2 carrots, 1″ piece of ginger – whizz it up, drink it down



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