3 Easy Breast Lift Exercises for Women

So, for our first exercise here, we’re going to be using a dumbbell, but you don’t have to use a dumbbell – you can use something like a can of beans or a small PET bottle even if it’s not totally full you can fill it up just partially and make sure that the lid is secure and done up nice and tight. Basically anything that you have that you can grab on to, that weighs one or two pounds, nothing too heavy, but just enough to give you a little bit of resistance.

Two Way Flye

We are going to be focusing on two specific aspects of this exercise: the first is for strengthening. What that is going to do, is to tighten up the chest muscle which will in turn lift the pectoral muscles and ultimately give you a natural breast lift in the process. At the same time, what we want to do is focus on the stretch aspect of this exercise as well. The stretching is really important, because this is going to correct your posture to prevent the chest muscle from over tightening and then actually shrinking and pulling your shoulders forward and pulling the breast line down.

So there are a couple of different things that you need to pay attention to when performing this exercise. To start, you need to be laying down, preferably on an exercise bench if you’ve got one, or even a coffee table or garden bench will do (image 1). Lift your feet up onto the bench so that your knees are bent, raise your arm holding the weight directly above your shoulder, and with your opposite hand, push your fingers into the chest muscle exactly where the shoulder and chest muscles meet (image 2).

Breast Lift Exercises for Women - starting position
Breast Lift Exercises for Women - starting position - image 1
Breast Lift Exercises for Women - check where shoulder and chest muscles meet
Breast Lift Exercises for Women - check where shoulder and chest muscles meet - image 2

What you are doing here, is feeling the chest muscle just to make sure that it is firing properly (image 2). The first thing you are going to do is to lower the weight down, keeping your arm straight, and stretched out directly behind your head. Let it stretch out but only go as far as you can comfortably – what you are looking for here is a nice stretch of the chest,  let it pull for a few seconds and then raise it straight back up again and as you do so, try to tighten the chest muscle, squeeze and hold it there (image 3).

Breast Lift Exercises for Women
Breast Lift Exercises for Women - image 3

Then take your arm out to the side, and as you do so, you are going to feel like it is pulling you down, so you may want to turn your legs very slightly, in the opposite direction to compensate for the pulling motion and in order to keep your balance.

Breast Lift Exercises for Women - stretch out to side position
Breast Lift Exercises for Women - stretch out to side position - image 4the

Try to get a nice stretch, whatever you can tolerate, and not too far, then squeeze the chest muscle, tightening it up as you raise your arm back up. Again hold in this position for a few seconds, and then lower your arm back behind your head again.

You should perform all of the repetitions on one side first i.e. maybe the right side first, and then change over to the left side. Now, it is really important that every time you bring your arm back to the centre, you squeeze the chest muscle. If you keep your hand there, then you can feel when you’re squeezing and tightening up the muscle and you’ll know that you are doing it properly.

The stretch is equally important, so don’t just bounce it back and pull it back up to the centre. Hold the stretch for a second or two – that is going to help to lengthen and stretch the muscle, which will help to correct your posture, and then as you bring it to the centre, you need to squeeze the muscle again and that helps to lift the chest muscle up. It is very important to remember to get the stretch and the squeeze if you want these breast lift exercises for women to work effectively.

Chest Isolators

This breast lift exercise for women for getting a natural breast lift, is going to focus entirely on the upper chest muscles, and it is really a version of a push-up. Now, push-ups involve the arms a lot, but in this case what we’re going to do is take the arms out of the equation entirely. This is going to put all the attention on the upper chest muscles and when we target those, they are going to naturally lift the breast line up.

You can use your exercise bench, your couch or any firm and stable surface which is about 16 to 18 inches from the ground. Put your hands flat on the edge of the bench with your fingers at the top, keeping them fairly close together so that your thumbs are not quite touching – but almost. The trick here is to keep your butt up – you don’t want to flatten your back which is what you are normally recommended to do when you’re doing a push-up, and in this case what you actually want to do is keep your butt back.

chest isolators - start position -image 1
chest isolators - start position -image 1

Now what this does, is actually raise the arms up a little bit, and it puts your chest at the proper angle so this is very important. You might find this really tricky at first, but what you need to do is keep your arms locked out – this is really important and your arms have to stay locked the entire time.

Start in the above position, and by imagining that you are shrugging your shoulders up – now what that is going to do is to pull the arms back slightly – again, we’re not bending from the elbow, we are just drawing the entire arm back so all the movement is actually done at the shoulder – so we are just shrugging the shoulder back. This isolates the chest muscle, so when we push back, all we are using is the upper chest.

chest isolators - shrugging the shoulders and hold
chest isolators - shrugging the shoulders and hold - image 2

If you were to bend your elbow then you are going to use the triceps a lot, so then the arms will take over and the chest won’t get properly worked. So, as you start, push the butt out the back, shrug the shoulders and hold there for a couple of seconds, make sure you don’t bend at your elbows.

Then push out as far as you possibly can, squeezing your chest muscles together really hard at this point. Hold for a count of two or three and then relax and shrug the shoulders back again. Here you really need to focus on keeping your arms locked out – it will actually be really tricky for you to keep them straight, but all the movement happens at the shoulder – you were just drawing the shoulder back and then pushing it down, squeezing the chest muscles really hard at the bottom there and you will feel your chest muscles firing and working really hard.

Bust Lifters

Now for this exercise, you really want to focus on getting nice good expansion through the chest. What this is going to do is pull together the muscles in the upper back and strengthen them. Now when these muscles are weakened and lengthened, the shoulders slump forwards and then the breast line can drop as much as 3 to 4 inches, so by correcting that, you will naturally lift your breasts up by about 3 to 4 inches, depending on how bad your problem is right now.

To do this exercise, you need a bench or a footstool, or anything about 16 to 18 inches high, because you need to be able to sit on your knees and actually bend forward over the bench. If your bench is a little too high, then just kneel on something like a couple of phone books or cushions and that will correct the problem for you, but anything that you can bend at the waist and lean over is perfectly fine.

breast lifters - start position - image 1
breast lifters - start position - image 1

Now, to start, as you kneel down and lean over the bench, place your hands on their opposite shoulders and then you can just bend forwards and slump over the edge of the bench, relax there for a second or two.

breast lifters - slump forwards - image 2
breast lifters - slump forwards - image 2

Then all you need to do is, straighten and extend your back up, using the muscles in your middle and lower back – you are basically lifting your rib cage up off the bench just a little bit so your lower ribs will still be in contact with the bench, and your upper ribs will start to come up a little bit.

breast lifters - straight back - image 3
breast lifters - straight back - image 3
breast lifters - elbows back -  image 4
breast lifters - elbows back - image 4

As you come up, you are going to bring your elbows back and squeeze together so the elbow comes up, back and in – basically you are kind of pulling your elbows together and squeezing all of the muscles of your upper back together. Now that is going to strengthen all the muscles up and down the spine that pull the shoulders back into their proper alignment, which in turn lifts the breasts. The other thing is, as you lift up with your lower back, that is going to work on the muscles that run up your spine and correct all of your postural issues you, but again most importantly here, is going to pull your shoulders up and back, re-set them back into their proper position and naturally lift your breasts up.

So, bend over the bench, hands on your shoulders, slump  forwards, extend and squeeze, hold there for just a second, the elbows come back and squeeze the shoulder blades together, hands back on the shoulders and slump forwards and repeat.

Do three sets of 12 – 15 repetitions of all of the above breast lift exercises for women to get a good stretch and breast lift workout.

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