30 Day Diet to Get Rid of Cellulite

Treating your body from the inside out

We’ve all bought ourselves treats. A squashy cream cake, a bag of pretzels or a chocolate bar. But to your body it’s not a treat at all. This invasion of sugar, sludge and chemicals is a massive stress on your body. A proper treat, something for which your body would be grateful if only it could tell you so, would be a bowl of fruit salad, a banana or a stick of celery. These things make your body clean and healthy because they are high in fibre and fibre cleanses your gut. It’s all very well to spend time and money on creams and lotions and days of pampering at health spas, but they’re papering over the cracks.

The idea with the 30 Day Cellulite Solutions Diet is that the cracks don’t appear in the first place. Eating properly and well is a necessity. When you sit down to eat your plate of salad and chicken I want you to think about what it’s doing for you: helping your muscles, skin and hair to grow better; helping to thoroughly cleanse your system. I think that if you can learn to concentrate on the goodness of your meals, and celebrate this, you will come a long way to loving this way of eating for ever.30 day diet to get rid of cellulite and get great legs

Try to spend whatever money you can afford on the best food. It won’t cost more in the long run because once you get rid of crisps and biscuits, the savings will be fantastic. Some critics think this encourages obsession. But it isn’t obsessive to want better hair, to get rid of dandruff and split ends or stop your nails flaking. Hairdressing shops and beauty salons line every high street in the country, but nobody thinks it odd or obsessive to wage war on your split ends. It isn’t weird to want to make the most of your body, so go for it. Don’t let anybody put you off.

Although this is a 30-day diet, there’s only so much I can tell you about how to get rid of cellulite. Ideally, I’d like to write something to keep you going for the next 30 years, but this method at least sets you on your way and gives you a plan for the future. You might be pleased with the results as they stand, or you might want to go further. You might need to go further.

There’s an obvious difference between the person who’s just discovered her once-lovely legs are looking a bit iffy, and the person who is trying to undo years of neglect. Don’t worry, because I’ve explained how to carry on the diet in the future, so you can plan as many months ahead as you like and not worry that being on a diet will get in the way of Christmas or holidays. It’s a complete way of living. After all, to listen to the propaganda you’d think that everyone gained weight at Christmas and on holiday and everyone went on a diet in January and May. Not so. If you’re one of the people who dreams of being the same weight all the time, with no separate sets of ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ clothes and no automatic five-kilo weight gain at Christmas, the 30 Day Cellulite Solutions Diet will work for you. Your weight always goes back to your natural body weight, if you’ve had an established, steady regime beforehand. This is why my diet is a complete way of living, because it will flatten out those ups and downs in your life. You won’t have to go through this agony of cellulite and weight gain and loss ever again.

30 days? Isn’t that just a quick fix?

No, it’s a quick start. Like taking antibiotics for a chest infection you’ll get better in a week, but if you took nothing you’d still get better — except it would take longer. You’d lose 12 kilos in twelve months if you walked a bit more and cut out the odd piece of cake, but you can speed this up by doubling the walking effort and adding a few gym sessions and eating 500 calories fewer per day. Those two stone would be gone in three months. The end result would be the same but you would have doubled your efforts, and this is what the 30 days is about. It’s a short cut, it will cheer you up and give you the motivation to keep going and it’s very, very effective. But what you have to do is keep it up for the future, and there’s no short cut to that.

Thirty days on a sustained, focused plan will see your lower half shaping up and melting away into a smaller, firmer, smoother bottom and thighs. If your holiday is next month you can go all-out for the fast-track option, but if your next really big event is six months away, you can get into it quickly in 30 days, then settle into the coasting programme and lose weight the gradual way. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t make the process any easier, but it does give you that psychological boost when you have such a great result in just a month.

OK, most body processes take the same length of time, which is why you can’t make your hair or nails grow any faster. But you can do an awful lot to make them look longer. Cuticle care, volumizing mousses for your hair — even wearing different clothes or putting on fake tan. You can’t change nature but you can influence it. Trust me, 30 days is quite enough time to blast that cellulite and get thinner thighs and a gorgeous bottom!

Don’t lose the big picture

Don’t get caught up in the downside of a diet. The small things you’re giving up (choc ices, quick microwaved meals) are far outweighed by the advantages. Concentrate on those. Crossing a pair of slender legs that don’t rub together. Walking away from people in a pair of jeans and not feeling fifty pairs of eyes burning into your backside. The sheer confidence of wearing a swimming costume. Enjoying an elegant, modest, nutritious meal feels better than fish and chips. Honestly. Tell me when someone has said no to chips, eaten salad instead and woken up next day kicking herself. It just doesn’t happen.

The first step to achieving anything is determination that you’re going to get it. No settling for half measures. No ‘I can’t expect much at my age’ or ‘I’ll be pleased to just look better’. Women who dread big thighs don’t get them. It isn’t about being obsessed or spending half the day exercising or giving up chocolate for ever. Looking good doesn’t have to be a fight, it doesn’t have to be about denial and it isn’t about hard work and expense. It’s about setting your thoughts on looking after yourself and seeing this as a forward move. Every day you will be getting and looking — better, not worse. You are going to get the most beautiful lower half you’ve ever wanted, lose weight and banish cellulite, and you mustn’t settle for any less.

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