Ab Exercises for Women

Here are some fab ab exercises for women and men to do in the gym.

Weighted Cable Crunch

This is going to target your core and your abs and obliques as well. What you need to use is a standard cable machine, with a rope attached. Set the cable at the highest setting to increase the resistance, choose a good weight for your ability – start low and see how it feels – kneel down in front of the cable machine on a mat to protect your knees.

Grab the rope from above, and bring it down level with your head so your hands are holding the rope either side of your head. Now pull down on the rope, tightening your core and bring your elbows down to your knees. Make sure that you are not using your arms to pull the weight down – you want to strictly use your core to pull the weight down. See video for technique.

To really hit your obliques, you can alternate pulling the rope down – left elbow to right knee, and right elbow to left knee, etc.

Abdominal Decline Bench with Weight

You can use a small dumbbell, a medicine ball or a barbell weight for this exercise, or if you are a beginner, no weight at all. You need to position yourself on a decline bench, holding the weight in both hands – the decline of the bench can be adjusted according to whether you are new to this or not. This first video shows how to do this exercise with a weight:

If you are choosing to do this exercise without any weight, you can either place your hands to the sides of your temples or across your chest, exhale and flex your abdominals as you rise up, lifting your shoulders and upper back off the bench, and inhale as you lower back down again. Keep your chin off your chest and try not to use your legs to help you rise. Try to do 15 repetitions of this exercise and work up to 3 or 4 sets.

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