Arm Workouts for Women

Arm toning exercises are generally not considered to be aerobic activity, however any exercise that increases lean muscle mass, will speed up the metabolic rate. Which means that your body will burn more calories even when you are resting or sleeping.

And arm workouts for women will involve a certain amount of building lean muscle, which will burn more calories and burn excess body fat from areas that you just don’t need it, let alone want it!

Ultimately your whole body will benefit from some arm workouts. For women to build muscle mass in any part of their body, requires a lot of lifting really heavy weights.

It’s not going to happen – believe me!

So no need to get worried that you will start to look too masculine – we just arn’t built the same way as men, and we simply don’t have enough of the muscle building hormones anyway!

You could include in your arm workouts for women, the following exercises:

For biceps:

concentration curls, hammer curls or barbell curls.

The pushdown is used to exercise the triceps m...
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For triceps:

triceps press down with a rope, reverse push downs, tricep dips, or some single arm reverse push downs.

Burn the Fat

In order to burn the extra fat from your body and tone and define your upper arms, try performing some high intensity interval training in between your bicep and tricep exercise routines.

In addition, you will need to add lots of lean protein, including lean been, skinless turkey and chicken, and some fish too. Complex carbs and healthy fats such as olive oil are also important – they are all required to help build lean muscle, which ultimately give that tone and definition to your upper arms.


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