Balance Exercises Help Strength and Stamina

Balance training is something that you might not think about when you are working out, but it is something that you should definitely incorporate into your general workout. You only need about five minutes of your time, but it can help you get faster results from the rest of your exercise routine.

Now, when it comes to balance, it is going to help you to improve your odds against getting an injury – knee injuries and ankle injuries are the most common injury to affect women in the gym or indeed any time that you are working out. So, having good balance control helps to strengthen all those little ligaments and those muscles in your joints and limbs, and it will help to decrease your odds of ever having that issue.

Having good balance also helps your muscles and your brain ‘talk’ to one another, which means that you are going to have a more efficient workout, and see results a lot faster. So, here are three fantastic exercises that are going to help you improve your balance:

The One Legged Hop

At the end of each hop, you will need to hold that position for a second to really challenge your balance.

Forward Jumps – So, start off on one foot ( with your other foot held up in front of you, and jump slightly forwards and as you do so, change to the other foot, holding your knee up for a count of two. And repeat onto the other leg.

Side Jumps – Basically, this is the same movement but sideways. With this hop or jump you don’t need to move forwards, but sideways, landing on one foot and keeping the other knee up for a count of two whilst standing on the foot you landed on from your hop. Then repeat on the other leg back to your original position.

Plank Pointer

balance exercisesFirst, get into a plank position, on both hands and your toes. Make sure that your back is not sagging – keep your core nice and tight, with your head facing forwards and not looking down at your feet. Then raise one leg up and if you can, then raise and point your arm up and forwards also. Hold this position for a count of three, and then return to the plank position. Change sides, and again hold for a count of three. This will really help to target your core also, as most balance exercises do.

The faster you switch from arm to arm and from leg to leg, the more challenging it is going to be.

One Legged Hip Extension

This is a standing balance exercise where you have to balance on one leg. Lean forward and kick your leg and hip all the way back out behind you, then bring the knee back up to the front and push back out behind again.

balance exercises - one legged hip extension

balance exercises - one legged hip extension 2

Do about ten repetitions for each leg, or work up to it.


These are three fantastic balance exercises that you can add in to your workout, and you might be wondering whether you should do it before or after you finish your general workout. Now, my rule of thumb is that just doing any balance training is a positive – it can only be good for you, but I would add it to the beginning of your workout and you can use it as a warm up. You are probably going to see that you can get through your general workout a little bit better, and that you have a much more efficient workout at the end of it.