Best Biceps Workout Women Can Do

Best Biceps Workout Women Can Do

To Ditch the Bingo Wings!

You want to know how to ditch the bingo wings? Well, I can tell you that it is really important to tone your your upper arms with the correct biceps workout. Women should be aware that it is also important to work the triceps too, and this can be done immediately following the biceps workout.

best biceps workout women will love

Women in particular, should not neglect their triceps at all, as this is the main area of concern for fat gain on the arms.

It is also good to try to maintain muscular symmetry by performing exercises for both the triceps and the biceps.

This article concentrates on exercises for the biceps workout.  Women who have been doing these exercises for a couple of weeks, should definitely notice an improvement in the shape and tone of their upper arms – and because the bicep muscle is developing and growing, it will need extra calories for growth, so will be burning fat from other areas of the body in the meantime.


Try the following biceps workout. Women can do all of these exercises to really improve muscle tone, promote fat loss and whittle away those bingo wings:



Best Biceps Workout Women Can Do:

1.  Concentration Curls best biceps workout women can do

This is one of the best exercises to target the upper arms for women.  Bicep exercises are a crucial part of your arm toning workout and must be included.

This bicep exercise can be performed sat on a bench or a stability ball to add intensity to the core.

  • Start with a dumbbell in your hand and your palm facing forwards.
  • Rest your elbow against the inner part of your thigh or knee, although you should avoid excessively pushing your leg against your elbow in order to help lift the dumbbell.
  • Keep your chest up and your abs tight.
  • As you bend your elbow and the lift the dumbbell up, exhale. Ensure smooth movement throughout.
  • And as you slowly return the dumbbell to its original position, inhale, but be careful not to fully extend your arm as it lowers as this takes all the stress of the biceps.
  • I like to do 3 sets of between 12-15 reps on each arm with this one.

2.  Hammer Curls

best biceps workout women can do

This is a great one for women. Bicep exercises like this will target the outer part of the bicep. This exercise can be performed one arm at a time or both together if you prefer.

  • Take a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing each other.
  • Hold your abs tight and try to pull your belly button in towards your spine
  • Exhale as you raise the dumbbells up, ensuring your palms remain facing each other throughout the movement. Try not to raise the dumbbell too high as this will force your elbow to rise, which then passes the load to the front of your shoulder instead of your biceps and forearms.
  • As your arms return to the start position, inhale.
  • Attempt 3 sets of between 10-12 repetitions of this exercise.


3.  Barbell Curls

This bicep exercise using a barbell, is great to add to your biceps workout. Women I know love this exercise.

  • Stand with your upper body straight, holding the barbell in front of you, hands about shoulder width apart and with an underhand grip.
  • Tense your butt muscles and your abs to control your core as you perform the entire movement.
  • As you raise the barbell, tighten your abs a little more and exhale.
  • Inhale, and release the hold on your abs as you lower the barbell.
  • 2 sets of between 10 – 12 reps of this exercises is sufficient, however if you are feeling strong, add an extra set!biceps workout women can do

Avoid raising the barbell too high as this can force your elbows up which will then place the load on the front of your shoulders as opposed to your biceps.

Also, try to avoid rocking your body backwards and forwards in order to get the weight up, as this can place a lot of stress on your lower back and can lead to injuries over time.



4.  Low Pulley Curls

This is really one of the ‘finishing exercises’ to include in your biceps workout.  Women I know usually add it to the end of the upper arm workout.

Because a pulley is used in this movement, there is very little stress on the joints, and it is so much easier to maintain a good posture biceps workout women can do

  • Stand facing the pulley machine and take the handle in both hands using an underhand grasp.
  • Your forearms should be horizontal with the floor at this point.
  • As you bend your elbows and raise the handle, exhale. Avoid raising the handle too high as this will force your elbows to rise, which in turn places the load on the front of your shoulder as opposed to your biceps.
  • Then as you return the handle back to the start position slowly, inhale.
  • Try to perform 3 sets of between 12-15 repetitions.

Another point to try to avoid, is rocking backwards and forwards to lift the weight up.  This will place stress on your lower back and can cause injury over a period of time.

But as I said before, add this to your biceps workout, women really love this one!


5. High Pulley Curls

biceps workout women can do

This is actually another great exercise to add to your biceps workout.  Women can include this to finish their upper arm workout routine.This exercise will also work the forearm slightly too.

  • Start by standing in between two high pulleys, which should be about level with the top of your head.  Take hold of both of the handles with an underhand grip.
  • With your upper arms remaining parallel to the floor, bring the pulleys in towards your ears, exhaling as you do so.
  • Then inhale, and return to the start position.
  • Try to work up to 3 sets of between 12-15 repetitions.

Try to maintain correct form throughout – allowing the elbows to rise in an attempt to bring the pulley closer to your head will activate your shoulder muscles instead of the biceps.

Try to avoid allowing your neck to lean slightly forwards and downwards, as this will put too much stress on the spine.

And if you don’t allow your arms to fully extend at the start and finish of the movement, this will reduce the whole range of motion too much.

This has to be the best biceps workout women should do – indeed, the best biceps workout women CAN do!

To get the very best toned and sexy upper arms, keep on with the bicep exercises, maintain muscular symmetry by working the triceps too with these tricep exercises, and remember to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet including lots of lean protein.  And I promise you, you’ll get the results you want!

To get the most out of their biceps workout, women should opt to push themselves to failure.  This basically means, until there is literally not an ounce of strength left. But take a short break between sets, have a drink of water, and you’ll be back for another set before you know it.

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