Best Core Exercises for Women

The performance of core exercises for women is far more critical than simply to gain a flat and toned stomach, yes it looks very attractive, but a strong core plays a significant part in everyday movement. Strong abdominals or core muscles are vital for flexibility and mobility and are routinely used in everyday activities, such as carrying your baby or child, to carrying the shopping, to doing the vacuuming or to more simply, just climbing the stairs and getting in and out of the car.

The body’s core muscles, also known as the ‘trunk’, are made up of the entire muscular structure within the abdomen, and they contribute to flexibility as mentioned above, and strength. Strengthening your core can also be enhanced with exercises for the pelvic muscles, hips and back.  Another important reason for strengthening your core muscles is because a weak core can sometimes be the root cause of pain in the lower back as well as poor posture.

You can add this workout to the end of your exercise routine if you want, or if you prefer, just focus on a complete and specific core workout. However, if you just focus on a core work, it is not going to burn the bodyfat that sits over your abdominals – if that is the goal that you are trying to achieve – to get a six pack or a flat stomach. For that look, you need a fat burning workout. But, the importance of doing core exercises is that you keep a nice tight core so that you help prevent injuries from occuring, you help to keep yourself nice and strong and you help keep yourself in good posture, good form, and your life is just generally better – making your entire trunk region strong yet remaining flexible.

Core Workout

1. Knee to Elbows

For the first part of this workout, you can use a stability ball, a bench, a chair, or basically anything lying around the house.

You will need to place your hands on the floor directly beneath your shoulders, in a push up position, and place your feet on the ball or object behind you, keeping your body nice and flat and your butt down. Then bring one knee up to the elbow on the same side and alternate.  Do 15 reps.

2. Star Crunches

Laying flat on the floor on your back, arms out at right angles to your body and your feet about shoulder width apart. Lift your upper body and right arm up and bring your left leg up at the same time, touching your toes with your fingers. Lay back down and repeat on the opposite side. Do 10 reps.

3. Plank

Do the plank for 15 seconds.

4. Plank Side Leg Taps

Continue in the position of a plank above, and then alternately take your leg out to the side and tap your foot on the floor. Do 15 reps.

5. Plank Knees to the Side

Continue in the position of a plank above, and then alternately draw your knee up and out to the side, level with your chest if possible. Do 15 reps.

6. Leg Raises

Lay flat on your back, with arms out to the sides, and raise your legs up together and slowly back down, not quite touching the floor as you return to the horizontal position. Do 10 reps.


In total, you should do this circuit of core exercises for women, three times when added to your regular workout, or five times if you are just doing a quick core exercise workout.