Best Feet Treatments


When your feet are sore or achy, it can make you look and feel tired, stressed and irritable. Discover the best feet treats to take away that frown and make you feel better all over.

Looking gorgeous all over means that you need to include your feet in your beauty routine too. It might sound like the last thing you feel like doing at the end of the day but even a five-minute foot pampering session can help to relax or refresh you, and boost your sense of wellbeing.

pretty feetThe most popular treatments for feet are designed to deal with their biggest beauty problems – a build-up of hard skin, dry skin, and stiffness and tension. Find out what’s available and work out what’s best for you.


Foot massage aids offer different levels of massage. Pick the one that suits your needs.

Light massage gives you a pampering treat after a tiring day. Try a foot spa, a specially-shaped foot bath that gently massages or vibrates your feet. You fill it up with water, turn it on and rest your feet on the jets or rollers. Or try self massage.

Medium massage eases stiffness and tension. Use a foot massager, which is a set of small massage balls – you rub your feet over the balls to improve flexibility and boost blood flow. It works through your socks and you can use it at work or at home.

Penetrating massage helps to relieve deeper pain – the perfect choice after a day wearing high heels. Try a vibrating massager, an electrical device with vibrating pads which massage your feet.


FOOT FILE OR RASP : File or rasp with an abrasive surface.

Pros: Sloughs away very hard skin; can be used on dry or wet skin.

Cons: All that rubbing can be hard work; over-doing it can lead to sore feet.

Best for: Softening very tough soles

FOOT POLISH : Paste or cream with gritty particles to exfoliate skin.

Pros: Boosts circulation; smooths feet all over.

Cons: Can make feet feel sticky; doesn’t remove very thick, hard skin.

Best for: Polishing neglected feet in preparation for summer sandals

SOFTENING FOOT CREAM : Cream containing AHAs, glycolic or salicylic acids to dissolve away dead skin cells.

Pros: Brightens dull skin; hydrates and plumps up dry skin.

Cons: Ineffective on very hard, callused skin; may irritate cracked skin or corns.

Best for: Pampering well-cared for feet

FOOT SMOOTHING CREAM : Extra rich, thick-textured moisturising cream  –

Pros: Gives intensive dose of rich moisture; softens and restores very dry skin.

Cons: Works best after exfoliating; use daily on problem feet

Best for: Using at bedtime after exfoliating to plump up wrinkly feet

SOFTENING SOCKS : Special socks with moisture gel pads to wear overnight.

Pros: Creates moisture barrier to soften hard skin and corns

Cons: Thick cotton socks have the same effect; very pricey

Best for: Pampering gift for the woman who has everything

COOLING SPRAY : Spray-on lotion with herbal extracts and antibacterials

Pros: Cools and revives tired feet; helps to neutralise foot odour

Cons: Minty smells can be overpowering; may not cover foot odour effectively

Best for: Feet that have spent too long in trainers

FOOT SOAK : Treatment to pour into foot bath – may contain relaxing or reviving ingredients

Pros: Relaxes or revives feet; smells nice

Cons: Pricey alternative to Epsom salts or essential oils

Best for: Soaking away aches and pains at the end of the day