Body Sculpting for Women – Top Tips for Best Results

When planning a new ‘bikini body’, it is important to follow the basic principles of bodybuilding or body sculpting. For women to make dramatic changes to their physique, ie. muscle growth and fat loss in the right places, it is absolutely vital to follow a good body sculpting program that includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

body sculpting for womenMuscle growth will stimulate fat burn and in turn, encourage weight loss. Despite the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, and women may see a very slight weight gain through building muscle, weight is not an accurate measure of positive changes in body shape.  Check the mirror and how your clothes fit rather than jumping on the scales to see results.

To stimulate muscle growth, women need to be doing some strength or resistance training – also known as body sculpting. For women to get good results from their strength training, it is so important to train with perfect form and the proper intensity – this is an absolute must.  And over training is a definite NO GO!

Over training will not give you the results you really want.

There are a few other mistakes women often make in addition to over training, when attempting to stimulate muscle growth. Women just don’t seem to challenge themselves enough and this is one of the biggest mistakes. So:


Mistake Number 1 – Not Enough Challenge

Of course some women really challenge themselves every time they train – and obviously many do train really hard, but few actually push to get that extra rep, or add that extra kilo, and because of this their muscle gains will be minimal.

Muscle growth women actually notice, will only happen with the absolute maximum force, and with progressive overload. Progressive overload is where weight is added on a regular basis to push the muscles that bit further – not necessarily at each workout, but certainly once a month minimum.


Mistake 2 – Avoiding Compound Exercises

body sculpting for womenAnother mistake I see women making in the gym is avoiding compound exercises. This type of exercise is physically exhausting but is necessary for the desired muscle growth women ultimately want to see.

It is important to include compound exercises in your body sculpting for women program as well as isolation exercises.

Compound exercises are exercises that involve multi-joint movements, where several muscles or muscle groups are called upon to execute the particular movement.

An example of this is the squat exercise. The squat engages many muscles including the core, the lower back, the glutes, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps.  Whereas isolation exercises are those that just involve the one muscle.


Mistake 3 – Working Out Without a Body Sculpting for Women Program

Muscle growth women can get from working out randomly with no consistency, is going to be minimal, so a set plan and program is important and must be followed for positive and visible results.


Mistake 4 – Giving Up Too Soon

Giving up way too soon is another regular mistake made by many.

Failure to give a program sufficient time to make significant changes to your physique is made all too often.  To get results, you need to be patient. You should allow a good 6-8 weeks before you will see results of an effective body sculpting for women workout routine.


Mistake 5 – Training Too Often

Finally, this is the biggest mistake of all!  Training too often.  In fact, it’s mistake number 5, 6, 7 through to 10!!

Training too often can hinder rather than promote the muscle growth women work so hard to attain.

It isn’t necessary to train and train and train, day in, day out, performing endless reps and sets every time you go to the gym. Indeed, overtraining can slow if not prevent muscle growth. Women want results but they won’t get it from over training.body sculpting for women

Body sculpting or weight training actually breaks down the muscle fibres so that they rebuild and repair as stronger and denser muscles.  When you break down the muscle in the gym, your work is done.

All you need to do then is to eat well and get lots of rest. The muscle doesn’t repair and build itself in the gym – it is rebuilt between workouts when you rest and sleep.body sculpting for women

Your body also needs lots of protein to help repair the muscle fibres and build the muscles.


Muscle growth women achieve is gained by a stable and regular muscle building or body sculpting for women program and this can be followed just three times per week, for 45 mins, with as little as three exercises per muscle group, doing 2 – 3 sets of between 4 and 8 repetitions.


Ladies, you will get lean, you will burn fat fast and you will get definition – just don’t make these mistakes.