Body Type Analysis

This body type assessment is a straightforward one that any individual can do at home. There are three major body types: the endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Most people are a mixture of types, perhaps dominated by one or two. A person’s exercise preference may well be affected by her body type, so she should take a detailed look at her body in the mirror. Although every individual has the ability to burn off excess fat tissue and strengthen and build muscle, no amount of body sculpting will affect her fundamental body type, which is genetically determined.


The short, round endomorph has light bones, little muscle development, small hands and feet and a high waist above a large abdomen. Endomorphs are suited to swimming and activities that require bounce and agility, such as aerobics and skipping. They usually have a good sense of balance.


The chunky mesomorph has heavy bones, an evenly proportioned body and strong muscles. Mesomorphs excel at activities requiring power, such as rowing, stair-climbing and weights.


The tall, slender ectomorph has long bones, a narrow, long chest and a low waist with a small abdomen. Ectomorphs are suited to running or racket sports. They are usually less suited to swimming because of their lack of body fat, which helps keep the body afloat.