Bosu Ball Exercises for Women: Videos with Instructions

If you are a step or two on from doing the basic core exercises, and you want a slightly more advanced workout as a challenge, then you can add some equipment to intensify your workout.

A Bosu ball, which more simply put is basically a half ball with a flat stable bottom or a stabilised exercise ball, can be used for more advanced and intense core exercises for women, with the base flat on the floor. It is a flexible piece of equipment in that it can be turned up the other way for an even more intense workout. There are several different ways that it can be used, including standing on it for other balance and stability workouts to improve your balance and work your core muscles.

Isokinetics Balance Ball ChairThe Bosu ball is a very useful piece of core exercise equipment, but one word of warning – don’t let the kids play with it. It’s not recommended for young children to play on, as they may fall off it and hurt themselves!

In addition to the Bosu ball, if you wanted to continue improving and working your core muscles whilst you are at work (or working from home) try the Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair. No doubt you’ll have heard that you can continue to work your abs and core by using your stability ball as a chair at your desk? Well, now you really can, with this Balance Ball Chair, and definitely not with your exercise ball that you use for your home workout – everytime you get up, yes you guessed it, it rolls away from your desk. So this ingenious new gadget is something a bit special – it forces you to work on your posture as you sit at your desk, by working your core muscles throughout your whole working day.

The following videos detail a selection of Bosu ball exercises that you can do to improve your core stability. Give them a go, and you’ll see a huge improvement in your core strength very quickly – even quicker if you try the Balance Ball chair too!

Bosu Ball Exercises: Core Exercise Video

Bosu Ball Exercises: Obliques Crunches for Women

Bosu Ball Exercises: Prone Bent-Knee Lifts

Bosu Ball Exercises: Planks

Bosu Ball Exercises: Reverse Plank

Bosu Ball Exercises: Superman

Bosu Ball Exercises: Side Plank

Bosu Ball Exercises: Knee Balance

Bosu Ball Exercises: V Ups or V Sits


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