Breast Exercises for Women

Breast exercises for women are absolutely vital to strengthen the chest muscles (pectoralis major muscles), which in turn as they grow in size, can help to lift the breasts and the breast line.

In conjunction to performing these specific breast lifting exercises, it is advisable to do some upper back exercises to help with the body’s posture. Everyone knows that when you stand up tall, with your shoulders back, you get an instant chest lift – so these exercises are as equally important as the breast exercises themselves to lift the breast line.

In order to build the chest muscles, a regular exercise regime needs to be adopted, and by this we mean performing at least two different breast exercises, a minimum of two times per week – preferably three if you can fit them in. It is recommended that you perform at least three sets of  between 12 and 15 repetitions, of each of the following breast exercises for women. 

Stability Ball Dumbbell Presses

Stability Ball Dumbbell Fly to Presses

For more breast exercises for women, click this link.

Upper back exercises to improve posture can include any of the following exercises:


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Whilst the cosmetic surgery version of a  breast lift is very popular amongst women the world over, and it is increasingly becoming more and more the norm for women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts today, there are just as many women who prefer to lift their breasts naturally with breast exercises.

Give the above breast exercises for women a go for a minimum of eight weeks (two months perhaps sounds better), and I am sure you will notice a marked difference. 

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