Build Lean Muscle. Women Can Still Look Sexy with Muscles

Top Tips to Build Lean Muscle

Women Can Still Look Sexy with Muscles

Build Lean Muscle. Women and Muscles are Sexy

Many women actually avoid using heavy weights or weight training generally, because they are afraid they will end up looking too muscular.

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Instead, those women avoiding the use of weights, prefer to opt for the treadmill, the static bike or the elliptical machine to burn off excess calories.

It has to be said though, that weight training helps to build lean muscles, and leaner muscles burn fat faster, which ultimately assists with weight loss.  Muscle is thermogenic by nature, which means that it burns fat.  Thus, there are is a lot to be said in favor of weight training – lose fat and build lean muscle.

Women, generally speaking and given a choice, would prefer to be lean than fat, but would probably not choose to have huge muscles. They seem to be of the belief that lifting weights will give them bulging muscles.  In reality, however, women just don’t have enough of the essential hormones that would allow for increased muscle growth and mass. And it is a fact, that women who do try to gain muscle mass, definitely don’t accomplish this goal easily.

Top Tips to Build Lean Musclebuild lean muscle - women look sexy with muscles

Women who incorporate some moderate strength training, ie with weights, into their exercise regime, will increase their muscle tissue.

This can mean an increase in body weight however, because, and this is a well-known fact, muscle tissue weighs more than fat.  But don’t find this disheartening – the possible increase in body weight does not mean an increase in body fat, it is an increase in muscle mass, and as I said before, muscles burn fat.  The denser the muscle tissue, the more calories that muscle will burn, even when resting.

Set yourself a goal – decide exactly what it is that you want to gain from your exercise regime or workout, ie. are you choosing to train with weights to improve your health, your sports performance and endurance or just to improve your appearance?  When you know precisely why you are training, you can choose exercises that will target the particular muscles you are aiming to improve, and which are better suited to your routine.

Stick with It – Once you decide that weight training is for you, stick with it.  Don’t give up at the first hurdle and definitely don’t give up because you can think of a great excuse not to go to the gym.  Even a short workout in the gym is better than nothing at all – if you only have 20 minutes, then so be it.

Technique – You should take the time to learn the proper technique and form for a particular exercise.  Any exercise done in the wrong way can do more harm than good.  Ensure that you whole body is aligned properly whilst exercising, to protect your lower back. Try to avoid locking out any of your joints whilst exercising, and avoid hyper-extending at all costs.  This will allow the muscles to relax and is counter-productive.

Add variety into your workout.  Your muscles will get used to certain exercises and unless you change the weight or even the order in which you perform your workout, your muscles will adapt and won’t develop further.  In addition to this, you don’t want to overwork a particular muscle group.  Use different machines, try different exercises and vary the weights and resistance.  This all helps to build lean muscle.  Women are happier with their workouts when they know they are getting results.

Try to work your muscle groups in pairs – for example, when you do your abdominal exercises; follow them with some back extensions.  And follow bicep work with triceps exercises.  Again, this will help to build lean muscle.

build lean muscle - women look sexy with musclesWomen should pay particular attention to strengthening their shoulders and upper back.  This will help to protect against poor posture – and poor posture is related to osteoporosis, which can be a common problem in later life.  And, in fact, statistics show that 50% of women over the age of 50 will suffer from at least one osteoporosis-related fracture during the remainder of their lifetime.

One final note – be patient.  You won’t get instant results.  This whole process will take time – it can take between 4 and 6 weeks for changes in the muscle fibres to show. But your muscles will start to act more efficiently as a result of the stress you put them under and the process will help to build lean muscle.

Women, to summarize, can use weight training as a way of managing their weight, a means of protecting their bones in later life, and a way of improving muscle tone and definition, building confidence and boosting self-esteem.  In other words, it does them the power of good!

Lean Muscle Projects an Image of Health

A lean, yet muscular women, projects an image of health, fitness and strength, which some men find attractive.  A woman who obviously does some form of weight or strength training, and some serious cardio too (such as high intensity interval training), will no doubt eat well, and is seen as being fit and healthy.  This whole ‘healthy’ image is a positive image.

So, maybe we will see more and more women in the future, leaving the elliptical trainer and the static bike; instead they may use the weights in the gym and build lean muscle. Women love muscle definition on men and find it very sexy, but are they prepared to love it on themselves?