Bulgarian Split Squats for Toning the Glutes

Bulgarian Split Squats for Toning the Glutes

More and more women nowadays have an increasing interest not only with the way they look, but also with how to they can change their physique.

Many women are happy to go “under the knife” to make those changes whilst others will opt for the natural way.  (Incidentally this does apply to some guys too!!)



The natural way to get a toned and more defined rear, or even a bigger and more voluptuous one at that, is by toning the glutes, or gluteus maximus muscles. Toning the glutes is a phrase I hear all the time in the gym and also a phrase I have read on the internet.  It may not be a phrase that you have heard, but it basically means to work the buttocks muscles (glutes) hard, and increase the muscle mass.

To alter the size and shape of your glutes is not difficult, and the very best glutes exercise that I would recommend has to be the Bulgarian Split Squats. I would recommend however that you only perform the Bulgarian Split Squats with added resistance in the form of weights, if you want to make improvements to the size of your glutes really quickly.


How to Perfect the Bulgarian Split Squats Technique:

The video shown above, advises you how to perfect the technique but read the following instructions also, just in case you miss anything.

The Bulgarian split squat can be performed on an exercise ball or a gym bench, but if you are going to use an exercise ball, then you may well need help to position yourself as you may feel a little unsteady.

  • Start by standing upright with a bench or a ball close behind you.
  • Take a dumbbell in each hand to add resistance.
  • Place one leg back onto the bench or ball.
  • Lower yourself, ensuring that your knee extends no further forward than your toes.
  • When using the ball, it will roll backwards slightly as you bend at the knee, but try to remain balanced throughout.
  • Return back up to starting position.

Repeat this exercise two to three times each week, and perform three sets of between 12 – 15 repetitions on each leg.


Always remember too, that it is really important to eat regular meals including plenty of lean protein which will help with muscle growth.

Toning the glutes with the Bulgarian split squats routine will really get fast results!