Bum Exercises for Women: Single Legged Split Squat

Amongst the best bum exercises for women, is the single legged split squat. It is an excellent exercise for your glutes and thigh muscles, since this movement allows for a completely free plane of motion throughout the lower body and draws on various muscle fibres.

It has plenty of variations and can be made easier or much harder with a few slight adjustments.

The single legged split Squat, like any other free weight unilateral exercise, is only able to place stress on the thighs and gluteus maximus when you force them to execute almost all the work. This is what is meant by the brain and muscle interconnection. For anybody who is not familiar with a particular exercise, you’ll want to perform a few sets using about 35% of your 1 Repetition Maximum with a more measured pace earlier on in your gym routine. You are likely to very quickly come to feel lactic acid accumulating inside your hips, thigh muscles and hamstrings even though you manage to complete a good many more repetitions operating at a fast pace.

The emphasis on the effectiveness of every repetition, compelling your quads and butt muscles to complete the movement instead of other lower body muscle groups, is really what will generate more muscle mass a lot faster when compared with almost every other method of working out.

The thighs and buttocks can be targeted using hundreds of workout variations and you should be made aware that the One Legged split squat is a wonderful multi-joint compound exercise.

When using the Single Legged Split Squat, how many reps per set should I make use of to shape my butt and tone my thighs?

Most strength coaches will tell you that to become much stronger it’s essential to exercise in three strength zones throughout your strength and conditioning workouts. These tips give you a good understanding regarding what indicates a heavy, medium and light intensity level to implement when exercising with the single legged split squat (or any basic multi-joint compound unilateral bodyweight (or free weight) activity):

Dynamic Effort: Normally requires you to employ approximately 60% of your 1RM*. The main objective should be to lift the load as quickly as you possibly can. Repetitions could vary quite a bit. You need to finish a set as soon as your speed slows down, often close to 6 reps. This all depends on the athlete’s expertise and choice of exercise.

Moderate Weight Repetition Method: This is a very good method of training for both muscle mass and strength increases together. The 65-85% of 1RM* makes sure that from the 8th or 9th rep, you should be really finding it difficult to lift the weight.

Maximum Effort Method: lifting wieghts in the 85-100% of 1RM* zone means that you’ve got a weight heavy enough that it makes it possible for 2-6 repetitions at the most.

*1RM = 1 repetition maximum. A method to determine your maximum lifting ability based on a weight and the number of reps you can do before you are exhausted for that exercise.


As I said before, the one legged split squat is one of the better bum exercises for women


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