Butt Lift Workout

More and more women are looking for the perfect, quick and easy butt lift workout. It seems that having a pert rear is as equally important as having a pert chest these days.

Here, we will show you how to do the crossover lunge and deadlifts – both of which are highly effective as a butt lift workout.

This lower body butt lift workout routine requires an exercise mat and a dumbbell or some other weighted object.

Crossover Lunge Exercise

This is similar to the traditional lunge, but the motion is just slightly different. 

Start stepping forward just like you would with a normal lunge but instead of going directly forward in front of that hip, you’re actually going to step across in front of the other leg. That way it causes your inside and outside thigh to have to work much harder and help you keep your balance. 

crossover lunge
crossover lunges butt lift workout

Keep in mind that as you are doing this motion, you want to try to keep your hips and your shoulders square, pointing straight forward in front of you, along with your feet. So, as you step across, you don’t want to let your hips turn in the direction you are stepping. Also, all of the rules of a traditional lunge apply – make sure that when you step out, that knee doesn’t go over the top of that toe and you’re trying to evenly disperse your weight between the front and back leg. 


Grab a dumbbell or some other kind of weighted object to hold up at your chest height. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keeping your legs almost straight, but you can let those that knees bend if you need to, but try to keep them as straight as you can to get a little stretch to the hamstring. As you bend over keep your back perfectly flat, actually feel like you are arching your chest forward a little bit.

deadlifts butt lift workout

You need to tip forward as far as you can, as far as is comfortable, only hinging at those hips – don’t let your back curve or round, you want your back to stay nice and flat. Return to standing and bend forward again. Keep a nice and slow fluid range of motion, bending as far down as you can, keeping your legs nice and straight.

This is a great exercise to focus on that butt and also to get into those hamstrings.  Keep in mind that the straighter you keep your legs, the more isolation you are going to get in that butt and the more lift you’re going to get.

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