Cameron Diaz: Get Her Look Make Up Tips

The ultimate bubbly Hollywood blonde, her bright and natural beauty style reveals her playful side.

Tall, slender, leggy, and naturally blonde, Cameron Diaz had all the makings of a beauty icon, even before she was famous. The actress with a superb sense of comic timing was born in California and worked as a model, before films such as Mask, There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angels and In Her Shoes made her a household name.

She may be a super-celebrity but she’s never lost her ail-American beauty style. With shaggy layered hair hanging loosely at her neck or pulled into a messy updo, and a huge collection of fabulous lip and cheek colours, Cameron knows she looks great with her healthy, natural radiance – and she manages to achieve it even in full Oscar-night make-up.

Find out how Cameron gets her famous healthy glow below.

Cameron Diaz Personal Profile

TRUE COLOURS: Cool light with brilliant blue eyes and pale creamy skin

FACE SHAPE: Round with a wide jawline and wide, smooth forehead

BONE STRUCTURE: Low with cute dimples when she smiles

EYE SHAPE: Heavy-lidded with a sexy, slightly sleepy look

EYE POSITION: Wide-spaced giving her an open, friendly expression

BROW TYPE: Angled and plucked quite fine with a defined arch

LIP SHAPE: Wide with an enormous, infectious grin

SKIN TYPE: Combination and prone to blemishes which she hides well

HAIR TYPE: Fine and slightly wavy but shaggy layers give it extra body

BODY SHAPE: Column with few curves, but she has a great pair of legs

PERSONALITY: Natural beauty – but she loves bright lipstick

Get Her Look


Cameron defines her eyes in neutral shades, then lightens up with bright lips and cheeks

A cream base mixed with luminiser gives a radiant finish with plenty of coverage. Cream concealer, carefully matched to her skin tone, banishes any remaining blemishes and shadows.


Neutral eyes need a good frame, and Cameron uses a blonde brow pencil to create a little more definition.


Glittery gold shadow adds depth and sparkle, while dramatic black kohl liner and mascara create lots of definition.


She uses her fingers to dab sheer pink cream blusher onto the apples of her cheeks, and blends it up and out towards the temples.


For strong, precise colour without a hard line, Cameron applies glossy, sheer red lipstick straight from the bullet, then blends it out to the edges with a lip brush.

Cameron’s lip colour defines her look — for day she has pretty rose pinks, at night she goes for bold with red, plum and fuchsia. And Cameron’s evening look combines soft eye shadow colours with bright lips and cheeks.