Choosing a Personal Trainer

Some people enjoy managing their own fitness programmes; others prefer to have expert guidance. People who have trouble sustaining an exercise programme may benefit from the ongoing encouragement and advice that a trainer can provide. A personal fitness trainer, who assesses an individual’s specific exercise capabilities and requirements and works closely with her to achieve short and long-term goals, can be an expensive option. Alternatively, most sports centres provide personal trainers, although the level of service varies.

Fitness or personal trainers at sports centres usually, at the very least, spend some time with an individual when she first joins in order to assess her aims and give instructions on how to use the equipment. They may also be able to offer a series of tests to make an assessment of the individual’s current fitness level. Any previous or current health problems should be mentioned at this point so that a safe and suitable exercise programme can be developed.

It is important to ensure that a personal trainer (whether at a sports centre or in your home) is properly trained and qualified – she should be able to present appropriate certificates.