Daily Food Servings for a Balanced Diet


The most important information that you need to know when balancing your diet is which foods are important for health and which are not. In addition to this, it helps to understand what constitutes a healthy amount of food. The following amounts constitute what is known as a single ‘serving’. For example, nutritional guidelines state that people should eat at least six servings of carbohydrate foods a day.

One slice of bread

Three tablespoons of breakfast cereal

A tablespoon of cooked rice, pasta or noodles

100g (3-1/2oz) boiled potatoes

85g (30Z) vegetables

One piece of fresh fruit

113g (4oz) cooked/tinned fruit

100ml (3-1/2 fl oz) fruit juice

240ml (8-1/2 fl oz) milk

55-85g (2-3oz) lean meat/skinless poultry/oily fish

110-140g (4-5oz) white fish

Two eggs

300g (10 oz) cooked beans/lentils

40g (1-1/2 oz) cheese

One teaspoon butter/margarine

Two teaspoons low-fat spread

One teaspoon oil

One teaspoon mayonnaise/oily salad dressing