Discover Why Free Weights Exercises for Women Burn Fat Faster than Cardio

The truth of the matter is, that, free weights exercises for women are far better at burning fat than cardio sessions ever can!

However, many women are anxious and at times actually afraid, that if they were to begin any kind of weight training exercise or free weights exercises for women program, they would build an excessive amount of muscle mass and they would look and feel too masculine.

However, it is indeed a sad fact that plenty of men and women continue to regard women’s muscle building as a route to becoming more manly – when the reality is, that the opposite is true.

However, a large proportion of adult females are really overweight, so surely they’ve already lost their femininity anyway. Flab isn’t attractive and it certainly doesn’t help to make a woman look desirable and sexy.

I agree that massive muscles, as seen on professional women bodybuilders definitely don’t look lady-like either, but that look is only gained as a result of steroid taking. Some good free weights exercises for women are not going to give you that look at all. So don’t freak out.

Sure – you’re muscles are going to develop to some extent, but it is shape and toning that are much more visible, and the chances are you will drop a lot more bodyweight in the form of unwanted fat than muscle tissue gained.

When a woman begins developing her muscles two things begin to take place. The muscles burn off extra energy in the form of calories and thus weight reduction comes about as a result as the body burns body fat to nourish the growing muscles.

The body’s capability to shed weight and keep that weight off is controlled by its metabolic rate, or metabolism, which is actually like a calorie or weight reduction machine within the body.

You can shed pounds in your sleep, or sat at a table so long as you have a metabolic rate high enough to set off fat loss. Yes exactly right, you can instigate fat loss and your body can melt off undesirable surplus weight even when you do nothing!

Of course, correct eating and general levels of physical activity are crucial to a fat loss way of life. Food intake is essential and cannot be forgotten about. You actually need an intake of energy to reduce fat – but from the proper foods. Unhealthy food just won’t help in achieving your health and fitness ambitions.

free weights exercises for women
free weights exercises for women

A crucial factor in slimming down and cranking up the metabolic rate is overall conditioning levels. The fitter you become the more calories you can use in training and the more calories from fat your body utilizes while resting.

Any good exercise program will involve both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Strength training with weights or free weights exercises for women are primarily anaerobic.

For all its popularity, aerobic exercise has its limitations. In the course of an exercise class, fat loss does happen, but once the session is over, the rate at which calories are used up, and metabolic rate, drop rapidly.

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