Does Running Get Rid of Cellulite?

The simple answer to the question “Does Running Get Rid of Cellulite?” is yes, it certainly can and yes it does, so long as you combine the cardio exercise with some anaerobic exercises or strength training as well, together with a healthy, low-fat and well balanced diet.

With regard to the exercise element of attempting to reduce and eradicate cellulite, you will need to be running for at least thirty minutes every day, in conjunction with strength or resistance training.  Resistance training is also known as weight lifting – don’t be put off by this phrase though – you really don’t have to be be lifting excessively heavy weights. You should be using just enough for you to notice that you are putting in some effort.

You will need to get some advice for a good exercise regime to improve muscle mass which will help to reduce areas of cellulite and hopefully in turn, eliminate the cellulite completely.  Running is great fun, and is a great form of exercise anyway, but perhaps you could do a variety of different types of cardiovascular exercises so as you don’t get bored. Perhaps you could try some high intensity interval training – this involves running or jogging, interspersed with short bursts of sprinting.  In addition, you should be having a balanced diet and drinking lots of water too.

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Cardiovascular exercise of any form will burn calories and help to reduce excess fat from the body, whilst resistance training or strength training will build muscle mass, which in turn also burns calories. As the muscles mass increases in size, it gives the appearance that the skin is toned and stretched taut, hence reducing the appearance of cellulite.

A balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and a good exercise program designed to improve muscle tone can help reduce cellulite or eliminate it.

Try a combination of the two types of exercise in your gym or home workout, but don’t stop running whatever you do – running can definitely help to get rid of cellulite in the right context.

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