Dumbbell Exercises for Women

I have collated some videos below highlighting some really great dumbbell exercises for women. They target different parts of the body, but all can be worked with light dumbbells if you are a beginner, or heavier if you are used to using weights in the gym already.

The videos give complete instructions as to how to perform each of the dumbbell exercises. For women starting out for the first time on a new exercise routine, study the videos carefully to make sure you maintain correct form. It is extremely important to get the exercise correct, so that you target the right muscles, and so as not to cause yourself an injury.

1. Bicep Exercises with Dumbbells

To nicely tone and sculpt those muscles in your upper arms.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Dumbbell Incline Biceps Curl

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Negative Biceps Curl

2. Tricep Exercises with Dumbbells

For those stubborn fatty areas on the backs of our arms!

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Triceps Kick Backs

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Triceps Close Grip Press

3. Shoulder Exercises with Dumbbells

To create and sculpt those sexy shoulder muscles so you can show them off in Summer.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: 3-Ways Shoulder Exercise

This involves side lateral raises, forward lateral raises and rear lateral raises, focusing on all parts of the shoulder muscles: deltoids and also incorporating your lateral muscles in your back.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Seated Military Press

This targets the front, medial and rear head of the deltoid muscles, which is the large part of your shoulder.

4. Back Exercises with Dumbbells

Before you start your dumbbell exercises for women for your back, it is always recommended that you warm up and stretch. Use the following video to help with this:

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Back Stretch and Warm Up

Once you have warmed up and stretched, commence the following dumbbell exercises targeting your back muscles:

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Back Superset

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: One Arm Dumbbell Row

This focuses on the laterals which are your back muscles.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Back Cool Down Stretches

5. Leg Exercises with Dumbbells

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: Squats with Dumbbells

This targets your quadriceps (thigh muscles), hamstrings and your glutes.

Please remember:

1.  Always consult with your doctor before commencing a new exercise regime. 

2.  If you start to feel pain at any point during any exercise, you must stop immediately.

3. Never work the same muscles two days, consecutively. Always ensure you take a day off or a ‘rest day’ in between so that you get the best results possible.