Easy Butt Lift Exercises for a Beyonce Butt

A Beyonce booty is what you’re after, right? Well, believe me, she works at it. You don’t get a booty like that by simply sitting on it!! Butt lift exercises are thus, so important – that’s why you’re here yes? It’s now time to work those glutes.

Here, though, I have included nice and super easy butt lift exercises to start you off with. 

Standing Hip Extension

If you have access to, or are a member of a gym, you can use a similar cable machine to the one shown in this video. Follow the video carefully, this is a simple and effective butt lift exercise to do. If you aren’t a member of a gym, try the next easy exercise instead.

Door Handle/Chair Hip Extensions

Using the door handles of an open door (place each hand on each door handle but don’t actually touch the door), or the back of a chair (as a means of balance), stand straight and tall. Extend  one leg at a time (obviously) behind you, but very slightly out to one side also. If you are doing this butt lift exercise properly with correct form, you will feel a slight burn. Squeeze your glutes together as you do the movement. I recommend performing 12 – 15 hip extension butt lift exercises as one repetition. Alternate legs each rep, and try to do 3 sets. For a little extra resistance (because you can’t get to a gym), you could try using ankle weights.

Exercise Ball Leg Curls and Leg Raises

Used in addition to the above butt lift exercise, you will be on your way to that Beyonce Butt in no time at all!!

1. For leg and butt raises, lay flat on your back (preferably on an exercise mat), with your knees bent, your heels and the soles of your feet should be on the side of your exercise ball. Your feet should be close together and you will need to press your heels into the ball as you start this exercise. When you are starting as a beginner, if you need a little more stability, lean the ball against a wall.

2. Lift your butt up high by squeezing your glutes together and keeping your abs tight – your body should be in a straight line from your toes down to your neck (which is on the floor and why you need the mat).

3. For the leg curls, roll the ball in and underneath your butt by pulling your legs in beneath you. Watch this video to perfect your technique, but perhaps perform the exercises a little slower than shown:

Keep your reps and sets the same as for the previous butt lift exercise. For a more detailed explanation of how to position yourself for these super easy butt lift exercises, try this video also:


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