Eat Yourself Fit with Healthy Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh Fruit and Veg in August

The arrival of August means the finest tasting fruit and vegetables are available for you to get your hands on. Stock up on the most colourful juicy fruit and indulge this summer, with a variety of contrasting flavours to please your taste buds, you can make the most of the hot weather by sunbathing in your own back garden with a delicious bowl of fresh fruit.


Choose from the large citrus fruit or the pink and ruby red Grapefruit which is sweeter than the yellow variety. High in dietary fibre and vitamin C, this firm fruit can be kept in the fridge from up to one month and up to two weeks in a well ventilated environment. To prepare this bitter sweet fruit peel and cut into segments or halve and squeeze the juice. If you want to be creative with this fine fruit then experiment with it by adding the grapefruit segments to salads, use the grapefruit juice in salad dressings, use grated rind to flavour desserts. Sounds divine!

grapefruit halves
grapefruit halves (Photo credit: TeaWithBuzz)

Custard Apples

With pale green bumpy skin and a heart like shape, Custard Apples are sweet, creamy and deliciously desirable. These tempting apples are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre. Keep at room temperature to ripen, store in the fridge and eat within two days. To prepare, cut the custard apple in half or pull apart with your hands. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh to eat and savour each mouthful. For cooking options, puree the flesh in a blender until smooth to add to cocktails or be creative and stir the segments into a green chicken curry.


The brightly coloured green Lime is of two varieties, in Australia it has green skin and in Mexico it has yellow skin. Closely related to lemons, limes are a great source of vitamin C. Look for brightly coloured limes and store out of direct sunlight for up to two weeks. To prepare, grate the grind if desired, then cut in half to juice or segments to serve with a refreshing cocktail. For cooking tips crush lime wedges in a glass, top with gin, ginger beer and crushed ice. Another idea is to make a zesty dressing with the lime juice.

Fresh Fruit and Veg in September

If you love a light salad then you should try these tempting treats in September. If you think salads are boring then think again, with all these bursting flavours you’ll be spoilt for choice this summer. Instead of a roast, opt for something fresh and light in the summer sunshine. Make some light bites and don’t forget those yummy olives!


The versatile Olive fruit can be eaten in many different ways such as an appetiser, on its own or stuffed with a tasty ingredient such as garlic and chilli. Cured and preserved in salt or brine. the small olive fruit has a very distinct taste ranging from salty to mild and sweet. Found in green, red or black, olives have a beautiful variation in flavour. Stuffed olives are made using green olives and commonly contain capers, nuts, feta or anchovies. Marinades usually consist of herbs, such as rosemary or oregano.


This gloriously pungent member of the onion family can add an extra something to any dish. Known for its distinctive taste and smell, Garlic has been around for centuries. Fresh garlic grows in bulbs and are usually peeled and crushed, chopped or thinly sliced before being added to dishes such as pasta. You will need to store fresh garlic in an open container for two to four weeks. Minced or pureed garlic is sold in jars or tubes, this is crushed or minced garlic combined with oil or vinegar. Dried garlic has a longer shelf life than fresh or minced /pureed garlic.


Small and oval shaped, the Hass variety has green skin that turns black when ripe. The Avocado contains mono-saturated fat and is rich in potassium. Avocados help to keep skin looking youthful because they contain vitamin C which is proven to produce more collagen. Store at room temperature until ripe, if you buy one to eat on the same day then look out for almost black skin that yield to gentle pressure. To prepare, cut in half lengthways and twist to separate the two halves. Remove the stone and then indulge in the creamy taste!

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