Fat Burning Exercises for Women

Fat burning exercises for women will only work if you put your mind to it. For the sake of this article we will be referring to these exercises as women’s muscle building because it is by building your muscle mass (not to the size of a man’s so don’t worry) that will burn up excess bodyfat.

Don’t be alarmed that we are going to suggest you do some weight training or strength training exercises to burn fat. Unless you are taking steroid drugs you won’t develop the female bodybuilder appearance so be assured that you’re not going to grow a beard and you won’t turn into a man just because you’ve picked up some weights. Nonetheless, it’s a unfortunate fact that plenty of men and women continue to regard women’s muscle building as a route to becoming more manly – when actually the complete opposite is true.

fat burning exercises for women
fat burning exercises for women

If anything, it is excessive adipose tissue or body fat on a woman that masks her real curves and female traits, and muscle building can be the solution to re-shaping the figure and burning off that undesirable weight. I think we can all agree that unwanted weight is not what women would like more of if they are trying to look sexier and more attractive. Nearly all people will agree that overly muscle bound women have lost their femininity to a large extent. But a good weight training program won’t create that type of look in a woman unless she takes drugs to boost testosterone, the male hormone.

It is correct that they may well gain weight when performing fat burning exercises for women, or a women’s muscle building program, as muscle mass weighs more than fat, but the prospects of them actually losing weight are higher. This is because larger and stronger muscles need more energy in the form of calories – ultimately muscle building can help to control weight reduction and allows the body to burn surplus fat.

The body’s potential to lose weight and keep that weight off is governed by your metabolic rate, or your metabolism – which is really like a calorie or fat-burning machine inside of your body. Therefore, the faster your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn off, even when your body is relaxing or asleep. So the simple fact is that weight reduction while at rest, is possible. So long as you have brought on an increase in metabolic rate.

fat burning exercises for womenObviously, proper eating and overall levels of physical activity are key to a fat burning way of life. The more healthy your diet plan, the better. It is much more problematic to lose undesirable excess fat whilst on a diet of junk food and sugary drinks.

Also, the fitter you become, the more rapidly you are able to shed the pounds and lose that unwanted fat. Fitter women have faster metabolisms. Anaerobic conditioning along with aerobic work are important components of effective exercise plans. Exercising with weights is primarily anaerobic exercise. For all its popularity, aerobic exercise has it limitations. In the course of a workout class, fat loss does take place. But once the session is over, the rate at which calories are used, and metabolism, decrease quickly.

But if you want to carry on burning fat long after physical exercise has finished, for up to 2 days in fact, then you should look at High Intensity Interval Training otherwise known as HIIT. High intensity interval training exercises and weight training programs are both well known as fat burning exercises for women.

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