Fat Burning Workout for Women – Mistakes to Avoid!

Fat Burning Workout for Women  – Mistakes to Avoid!

Fitness and health should become a way of life for everyone, they should become a lifestyle, and every woman should include in her exercise regime, a fat burning workout. For women to burn fat fast, strength training or weight training exercises are a vital component.

Fat Burning Workout for Women – Mistakes to Avoid!

They can be coupled with some high intensity interval training (HIIT) which makes the perfect fat burning workout for women.

Both of these types of training will continue to burn fat for many hours after the workout has finished, making them the most effective forms of exercise – both from the aspect of the fact that they boosts the metabolism which can become a fat burning furnace within the body, and because they ultimately save us women heaps of time.  If we thought we needed to spend a couple of hours doing cardiovascular exercise to burn off the fat – think again.  A fat burning workout for women including some HIIT and resistance exercises involving weights – either free or machines – will set the metabolism racing and burning fat fast.

If you are new to exercise, or even if you’ve been including it as part of your regular daily or weekly routine for some time now, but maybe need some inspiration and motivation to get you going again, then it is important to be positive about the whole aspect of fitness in your life.

You need to be enthusiastic about your workouts and your new body transforming nutrition plan, or you could end up tired, if not exhausted.  Positive energy definitely promotes more energy!  And we all need lots of it for our busy lifestyles.

There a few simple mistakes women seem to make all of the time when on a mission to lose weight and fat – maybe they just don’t realize what is important and should be included in a fat burning workout.

For women,  1. Skipping Breakfast is a big big mistake.

fat burning workout for womenAnd the very worst excuse for skipping breakfast is that you are simply not hungry.

If you looking to achieve maximum fat loss and improve your energy levels, not to mention your quality of life and your health, then you have to stimulate your metabolic rate with energy in the form of food.

One vital foodstuff when on a fat burning workout for women, is protein.  It is necessary to keep you muscles plump and tight, help them repair and grow after exercise, and for hormonal balance too.

Missing breakfast will set off a feeling of ravenous hunger further into the day, not to mention that it slows down your metabolic rate in the process.

2.  Starving Yourself is another huge mistake.

If you attempt to starve your body by cutting down on your calorific intake, to say 1,000 calories or less, then your body will conserve fat rather than burn it off.  Literally, starving yourself will shut down your metabolism which is your body’s natural fat burning furnace.  In addition it can also force your body to use already very healthy muscle tissue as fuel for survival.

Rather than starve yourself, commence a fat burning workout. For women to burn fat fast, they need to be eating at least four small balanced meals every day to keep their metabolic rate going at a fat burning speed.  Basically, keep eating! But eat healthy!

3. Not Drinking Enough – Drink More Fluids DailyFat Burning Workout for Women

Hydration can accelerate weight loss, so it is of utmost importance to get a regular intake of fluids.

You should be consuming 2 litres every day and this can include herbal teas, non sugary and non-carbonated drinks as well as water.

Muscles are made up of 70% water, and water transports nutrients to the muscles to keep your metabolic rate higher.

Water hydrates your cells as well as enhancing your digestive system and detoxing your body. It has endless benefits and is a real boost to a fat burning workout for women.

4. Skipping Workouts

If you really want to lose it, you have to move it! Remember this phrase and you’re half way there.  If you have a lot of fat to shift, you will need to be training four to five days a week.  It will take 48 hours for the effects of your workout to go into reverse mode – so it is important to keep training and keep on with the fat burning workout for women.

If your workouts can be regular, daily if possible, you will keep your metabolism revved up and your body can attack the stored body fat and not replace it.

Your metabolic rate almost needs daily stimulation as this will increase your fat burning potential until your goals are met.

Once you reach your fat loss goal, you can scale your training down to a maintenance program.

5. Not Getting Enough Sleep – Get More!

Fat Burning Workout for Women – Mistakes to Avoid!For your muscles to recover, rest is a vital part to fat loss and cell regeneration.  Your body repairs itself whilst you sleep.

If you don’t get at least 7 hours sleep a night, your body and joints will start to break down and you will feel tired and sluggish and you will being to age prematurely.

Take heed of these tips – you will lose weight and burn fat and get lean on a good fat burning workout for women if you avoid making these mistakes.

You’ll have more energy and be able to enjoy life so much more with a very positive attitude.

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