Fat Melting Foods

Science has made it simple to lose weight – and there isn’t a diet in site! These fat melting foods are all delicious as well as being good for us:

1. Salmon – There is Omega 3 fatty acid in this fish and it will regulate blood sugar levels, it helps prevent calories being stored in the body which means you can burn this fat as it will be used as fuel during exercise.

2. Olive Oil – This store cupboard staple fires up the body’s fat-burning mechanism more so than any other fat and in particular targets the belly fat. Great as a salad dressing or using to fry. No more jelly belly for us.

3. Apple – Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay (so they say) and could also keep the ‘pounds at bay’, high in fibre it binds together all the other foods you eat and will help shift calories whilst being essential for our digestive system.

4. Cottage Cheese – High in calcium and low in fat, this fresh food encourages the body to increase the amount of fat we excrete rather than absorb. So in essence a daily serving of dairy can promote a loss of body fat.

5. Lentils – Packed with starch, this clever little carb doesn’t get absorbed into your blood via the intestine but passes through and keeps you fuller for longer. Use instead of potatoes for a hearty and healthy replacement.

6. Strawberries – These little red gems contain a high percentage of your daily vitamin C allowance and help lout fat when you exercise. It produces an amino acid which shifts fat when you workout.

7. Yoghurt – Full of calcium – yoghurt a little like olive oil, is another belly fat busting food. Used in cooking, for breakfast or a snack during the day, these little pots help keep hunger at bay whether you eat a full or non fat version.

8. Eggs – Egg yolks contain a compound called choline, which is known to help block the absorption of fat, also they are packed with protein and calcium. A great food boiled, scrambled or lightly fried.

3 egg yolks

These foods, eaten in conjunction with a good amount of exercise, will help to melt away excess amounts of body fat. See for yourself – don’t just take my word for it!!