Fitness Ball Exercises for Women

Good fitness ball exercises for women totally depend on performing the exercise with proper form. If an exercise is performed incorrectly, firstly it won’t actually be of true benefit to the muscles concerned, and secondly it could even cause damage to the core muscles, even resulting in pain. 

Some good fitness ball exercises for women, for starters, are abdominal crunches.

Watch this first video carefully, and make sure you follow the instructions very carefully – you must make sure that you DO NOT pull on your neck as you perform the crunch exercise, as this incorrect movement can lead to a pulled muscle or a stiff neck. 

Performing the fitness ball exercises correctly, will ensure they are very gentle on your neck and spine, however they should have the most significant effect on your abdominals. Equally important, is the way you breathe throughout the performance of the crunch exercise. You need to exhale on the way up into the contraction of your abdominals, and inhale on your way back down to the start position, following the crunch, ensuring your core muscles are focused and concentrated on throughout the movement, for best results.

Fitness Ball Exercises: Abdominal Crunch, Back Extension and Plank

Regularly changing your exercise routine or simply changing the order of your routine is one of the best ways to challenge your muscles, and you will notice a huge benefit from any core exercises, including fitness ball exercises by mixing up your workouts. If you stick with the same exercises time after time, your muscles start to adapt and get used to those same old exercises and after a period of time, you will be maintaining your abdominals rather than building them.

When you are ready to step up the pace a little, try some of the following fitness ball exercises for women: 

Fitness Ball Exercises: Bridge Exercise

Fitness Ball Exercises: 4 Point Bridge Exercise

Fitness Ball Exercises: Prone Leg Lift Exercise

Fitness Ball Exercises: V-Sit Up Exercise

Fitness Ball Exercises: Swimming Exercise

Fitness Ball Exercises: Four Point Balance

Fitness Ball Exercises: Oblique Crunch