Fitness Clothing for Women

Work Out Clothes for Women to Look Hot

No Sweat!

Fitness clothing for women is big business these days. Work out clothes for women or gym clothes for women come in all different styles, colors and fabrics, but they are usually designed to provide you with maximum comfort whilst remaining fashionable and stylish at the same time.

work out clothes for women

Comfortable sportswear is an absolute must when I go to the gym, but I still try to look my best (and kind of cute too) and usually choose fitness clothing that is lively, attractive and trendy as well.

Imagine how much more motivated you’d be if, at the end of a hard day at work or time spent minding the kids, you go to the gym in some colorful and fashionable fitness clothing.  For women, it is important to look and feel at their best, even when they go to the gym.

Sports clothing may be made from varying and more durable fabrics than everyday clothes, but the fashion ideas are basically the same, so why do some of us ignore fashion when we hit the gym or go out for a run or bike ride?

The gym has recently become more of a social place to go than ever before, so you should dress, not only to feel comfortable about the way you feel, but also to feel comfortable with the way you look too and to reflect your personality.

At the end of the day, you just never know who you may bump into.

To inspire you to go to the gym more often, why not choose colorful work out clothes.  For women, fashion is important, and hopefully, colorful and fashionable fitness clothing for women will get you motivated.

work out clothes for women

I don’t however want you to feel intimidated by any of this and to feel that you would only be accepted at the gym if you were wearing the height of fashion in gym clothes.  For women who feel more comfortable in a baggy t-shirt, then so be it, but I was just suggesting another way to feel good about yourself.  And possibly another way of getting you into the gym too.  Feel good in your gym clothes, and you’ll go more often!

But no doubt you will find that as you train and build lean muscle, and your physique changes for the better, you’ll want to show your new shape off with some great new work out clothes.

For women to feel really good about themselves it can be so important to wear the right things for the right occasion, so what are you waiting for?

A reason to go shopping?  Surely not!  Just do it!

fitness clothing for women

Fabrics used in work out clothes for women:

It is advisable to buy fitness clothing for women made from fabrics which are technically designed to make them soft, light, resistant and breathable and which guarantee a high level of comfort and durability.  They always wash well, dry well and don’t usually require any ironing either.

SUPPLEX® is a fabric which combines the durability, strength and benefits of nylon fibre, with the softness and feel of cotton. SUPPLEX® is more flexible and extremely lightweight and unlike cotton, it won’t crease, shrink or fade.

Gym clothes for women made with fabrics such as SUPPLEX®, stay looking like new for longer, so your gym clothing will hold its shape and color, throughout workouts and repeated washing and drying.

It is strong, and breathable, taking perspiration away from the skin.  And if it does get wet, it dries quickly too.

Recommended work out clothes for women:gym clothes for women

  • shorts
  • cropped running or joggingtrousers
  • vest tops
  • baggy pants or trousers
  • long sleeved tops
  • T-shirts
  • a good supportive pair of trainers
  • trainer socks
  • and most vital of all items, is the sports bra.

Always, always buy good quality, supportive womens sports bras.  If you are planning any high impact exercise, you should always protect your chest with a supportive and controlling bra.  I cannot stress this enough.  Whatever your age, whatever your shape or size, please always wear a sports bra.

And finally, how to look cute in your work out clothes.  For women it is so important to look their best at all times, even when they go to the gym – get some ideas from the following “How to Look Cute at the Gym” video: