Fitness Importance – For Energy and Health

Fitness Importance – For Energy and Health What Exactly is Fitness?  

And Why is Fitness Important? What is Fitness?

Fitness can be defined as having the ability to perform physical activities.  People are frequently referred to as either having a good or a poor level of fitness.  Importance is placed on fitness levels as this also means having the energy and strength to feel as healthy as you possibly can.

Why is Fitness Important?

You may well ask, why is fitness important?  Ultimately, improving your fitness levels can improve your health, and improving your fitness levels and your health can certainly increase your life expectancy.

fitness importance

You really don’t have to be an amazing all round athlete to be fit.  Athletes attain a particularly high level of fitness, and even if you were to take a brisk half-hour walk every day, you could still achieve a good level of fitness.

Importance should be placed initially on what you can achieve, because even if you can’t achieve that amount of exercise (the brisk half hour walk I mean), you can still work towards reaching a particular level of fitness that still helps you to feel better with more energy.

Even making the smallest of changes in your lifestyle, can help you to improve your fitness levels, and ultimately can make you feel at your best, and will also lower your risk for certain diseases.


Benefits of Fitness

Importance of being physically fit or fitter can’t be stressed enough.  Being physically fit can help you to have more energy.  More energy to work and to do the things you want to do in your spare time.

Being fit and staying active, helps you to do more physical activity generally, it helps you to exercise that much harder without it seeming particularly hard and being fit helps you to burn more calories, and therefore manage your weight.

Having a good level of fitness is not only good for energy, but it is great for your heart and lungs, your bones and joints.  Being fit can help to lower your risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes.  It can definitely help you to relax more by allowing you to handle stress better, and it helps you to sleep better. There are mental benefits as well, besides reducing stress. Exercising causes your body to release endorphins, which basically are chemicals that make you feel well and good about yourself, giving you more self-confidence and boosting your self-esteem.

Everyone benefits from fitness – children and teenagers are included in this.  If kids are fit, they’ll have more energy and are better able to focus at school.

To consider yourself fit, you should be able to do some moderate aerobic activity.

Aerobic Activity / Aerobic Fitness

Your level of aerobic fitness is based on how well your body uses oxygen.  This all depends on the condition of your muscles, your heart and your lungs.

Aerobic activity is usually divided into three categories – light, moderate and vigorous.

With moderate intensity activity or activities, you will definitely notice that your heartbeat increases.  Increasing your heartbeat will increase the amount of oxygen reaching your heart and lungs, and muscles too, thus aiding them to work for longer periods of time before slowing due to slight exhaustion.

Any activity that raises the heartbeat and keeps it raised for an extended period of time will help to improve your level of aerobic fitness. Importance is placed on improving fitness levels as a way to good health, so keep that in the back of your mind and you will stay more importance

Activities of moderate intensity can include cutting the lawn, vacuuming, sweeping, dancing, walking briskly, cycling, washing the car (vigorously), and even decorating!

To determine whether you are working hard enough to consider the activity as moderate, you should still be able to talk throughout the activity. If you are unable to talk, the activity will be considered vigorous.

Moderate activity is usually safe for most people, but it is always advisable to consult your general physician or doctor before commencing a new exercise routine or workout.

When performing vigorous activities, you will need to breathe much faster and deeper.

Adults should aim to perform approximately 2.5 hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise or activities.  Not all in one go – in small chunks if that is more achievable.

Or if vigorous exercise or activity is your preference, try to do at least 1.25 hours per week.


Types of Fitness and Their Benefits

Strength or Muscle Fitness Benefit

fitness importanceThis type of fitness means increasing muscle strength and endurance by making them stronger and usually bigger.  Exercise using weights can improve your strength or muscle fitness levels.

Aerobic Fitness Benefit

Aerobic fitness levels are determined by how effectively the body uses oxygen.

This type of fitness training is usually called cardiovascular or cardio training – basically anything that makes your heart work harder.  And making your heart work harder increases your endurance levels.

Flexibility Fitnessflexibility fitness / stretching Benefit

Importance is placed on having a good level of flexibilty – it allows you to move all of your muscles and joints through their maximum range of motion, and stretching is a good way to increase your flexibility.

These are all good levels of fitness.  Importance should be placed on all of them, but working towards one at a time and maybe only achieving one is great for any improvements in your health.

So, why is fitness important?  Because you will feel better, you’ll feel great and in fact, you’ll realise what you were missing out on because you will feel so much more alive.  Full of energy and fighting fit.