Get Fit Programme: Daily Exercises

There are four main reasons why most people become bored with exercising: lack of time, no local gym, boredom, absence of results.

Lack of time:

if you really want to do something, you will make time for it. And just imagine how much benefit you will gain from exercising – you will feel fitter and healthier, have a reasonable level of fitness and be better equipped to deal with stress. Besides, you don’t have to take part in a marathon or go jogging – exercising can amount to a brisk walk, doing some gentle workout exercises at home, or even gardening.

No local gym:

there’s no need to enrol at a gym -you could rent a keep fit video or go for a swim at your local pool.


this is a popular excuse, or is it just an excuse for opting out? There are lots of ways you can make exercising more fun – exercise at different times of the day, ask a friend to join in or work out to some music. You could also enrol at an activity class at your local college.

Absence of results:

if you set yourself small goals and then keep a diary recording what you have achieved and how you feel, you will then spot those small changes that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Before you begin your new programme

If you have recently given birth, have been inactive for several years or suffer from any of the medical conditions listed below, then you should, for your own safety, consider making an appointment to see your GP before beginning an exercise routine.

• High blood pressure

• Heart trouble

• Family history of early stroke or heart attacks

• Frequent dizzy spells

• Extreme breathlessness after mild exertion

• Arthritis or other bone problems

• Severe muscular, ligament or tendon problems

• Other known or suspected disease