Get Fit Programme: Days 1-7

Okay it’s here; you’ve done all your preparation, and you know what the next 28 days will involve. The best and most effective way to undertake the programme is to start on a positive note and preferably on a Friday, thus giving you the weekend to get into some sort of routine.

Whether you are a working woman or a busy mum at home, the next 28 days may mark the biggest changes you are ever going to make in your life so be prepared. Make up a chart and stick it on your kitchen wall so that you remember what you must include each day in your programme.

A typical Activity Record Chart could include:


Glass of hot water and lemon or lime juice

Daily energy shower



Dinner 1.75 litres (3 pints) water

Wide variety of fresh fruit

Wide variety of fresh vegetables

30 mins walk

30 mins exercise

20 mins hibernation

Epsom salts bath every 3 days

Salt scrub once a week

Only moderate use of salt

It’s important to keep a diary in which you can record your day’s plan, what you ate, how you took time out for yourself, and then at the end of each day make a note of how you felt. Obviously some days you will find more to write about than others, but keeping this and then referring to it when you have negative days will keep you motivated. Weigh yourself today only!

Here is a typical plan for day one, but naturally times will differ and the order in which activities are done may also change according to your lifestyle:

7.30am Glass of hot water and squeeze of lemon juice.

7.45am Early morning shower

8.15am Breakfast. On the first day choose something you are familiar with, such as cereal, to ease you gently into the programme.

9.15am After clearing away the breakfast dishes, begin day one with a gentle body workout but take it easy and don’t over exert yourself.

10.15am Sit down and relax with a glass of water and don’t think too hard about those parts of your body that may be aching at the moment. The next time will be better. Whilst you are sitting, why not practise 20 minutes of hibernation to give your body time to settle down.

11.00am Although you are on the programme, don’t forget there is always the housework to do and in fact if you put sufficient energy into doing this you will be burning up even more calories.

1.00pm Time for lunch. For a healthy sandwich, take two medium slices of wholemeal bread and fill with low-fat spread, a small can of tuna in brine, a few lettuce leaves, a small tomato and several slices of cucumber. Finish off with a banana.

3.00pm Go out for at least a 30-minute brisk walk. You’ll tone up your legs and buttocks and, if you take long strides, your lower tummy muscles will benefit too. Set yourself a goal and see if you can achieve it.

4.00pm Make yourself a cold drink of freshly squeezed orange juice to revive you after that long walk. Why not take the opportunity to make this your creative part of the day when you can dedicate it to doing something artistic – paint a picture, write a poem or take up tapestry or embroidery.

6.00pm Time to think about dinner – why not prepare a chicken salad, taking advantage of the variety of salad vegetables around. And if still peckish afterwards, have some fruit.

7.00pm Have an early bath. Add some salts into it and relax for a while.

8.00pm Snuggle into your dressing gown and before going to bed, spend some time thinking calm thoughts to relax your mind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Don’t forget – as you complete each activity tick it off on your chart and before you go to sleep remember to record in your diary how you felt, both the good and bad points. Plan what you intend doing the next day.

Remainder of the week

The remainder of week one should follow more or less the same basic routine, but adding in different foods and trying different exercises.

It’s a good idea to keep an exercise diary to record your increased stamina and fitness.

Measurements chart

As you change your routine to include more exercise and reform your eating habits, you will find that not only will you have toned up the muscles all over your body to give you a slimmer look, but you will feel generally a lot healthier and have lots more energy!

You can record your measurements each week using this simple chart.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4







Days 8-14

Days 15-21

Days 22-28