Get Fit Programme: Days 15-21

You are now beginning the second half of your programme and into the third week already.

There may be times you become bored with doing the exercises or toning up routine, but you are doing it for a good reason so just keep on and reap the rewards in another week!

7.30am Glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

7.45am Morning shower.

8.15am Breakfast. A bowl of muesli with a handful of dried apricots and bananas and some skimmed milk. Cup of herbal tea.

9.15am Try to do the full workout – by now you should be able to do far more of each routine. Look in your diary to check on your progress.

10.15am Arrange to meet up with an old friend and leave the house earlier so you can go for a walk beforehand. If you feel you are in need of some support with your workout routine, why not call in to your local gym and check whether they have any classes you could join.

12.00pm Have lunch with a friend. Perhaps choose a chicken salad and a glass of iced water.

2.15pm Back at home it’s time for a little rest and hibernation.

3.00pm Do some housework or perhaps some gardening. The grass needs mowing and some plants need pruning, and there is also weeding to be done.

4.15pm Time for a glass of unsweetened orange juice and an hour of creative inspiration.

6.00pm Prepare dinner – Chicken Celebration tonight.

7.00pm As a treat, bake a Ginger and Carrot Cake.

8.00pm Have a salt bath, then an early night. Record what happened during the day and plan the following week’s menus.

Don’t forget – as you complete each activity tick it off on your chart and before you go to sleep remember to record in your diary how you felt, both the good and bad points. Plan what you intend doing the next day. Why don’t you take some photographs of yourself midway through the programme just to see what you looked like at different stages.

Remainder of the week

By now you will have established a pattern of exercising and also the creative hour to spend however you wish. You can always alternate and change things around, you may even find that you want to replace walking with something entirely different. The number one priority is that you stick to the programme.

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