Get Fit Programme: Days 22-28

You are on the last lap. This is the final week and you have come a long way so there is no turning back now. The end is actually in sight.

Once you hit the age of 30-40 you’ve got to be careful about activities that involve pounding. Running takes its toll on the joints but swimming improves the metabolism and cardiovascular fitness; tones you from head to toe and it’s also a great calorie burning activity. Start with 20 minutes and if you can do five lengths of the pool, next time see if you can do six lengths, gradually building it up.

7.30am Have a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice. 9.15am Instead of doing your usual exercise i.e. walking or cycling, why not go for a swim at your local pool. An invigorating early morning swim is healthy and refreshing and it sets you up for the rest of the day.

10.15am Breakfast. A wedge of melon served with 115g (4oz) grapes and a small carton of low-fat yogurt.

11.00am Swimming can be refreshing but also tiring so give yourself a little time and do some relaxation.

1.00pm Lunchtime. How about a Spanish Omelette.

2.00pm Creative hour.

3.30pm You should by now have increased the length of your workout sessions so prepare yourself and start pumping those muscles.

5.00pm Have a cool glass of water with a slice of lemon and sit down to think over your month’s busy schedule and what you have achieved, what you would like to have achieved and feel very proud of what you have done

7.00pm Go out for a celebration meal. Whatever restaurant you go to, choose your menu wisely – you don’t want all that good work going to waste.

Now is the time to weigh yourself and take your measurements, then look back at the beginning of the chart to see the amount of weight you have lost.

Here are some suggestions for meals that won’t ruin all your good work:

If eating French :

• Crudites with garlic dip (raw sliced vegetables)

• Moules Marinieres (mussels cooked in shallots, lemon, herbs and white wine)

• Steak au Poivre (steak with a peppered sauce)

If eating Italian:

• Minestrone soup (made with white beans, peas, onion, ham, celery, herbs, garlic, pasta and white wine)

• Spaghetti Napoli (pasta with a low-fat tomato sauce)

If eating Greek:

• Spanokopitta (pastries stuffed with feta cheese and spinach)

• Souvlaki (pieces of meat marinated in olive oil and lemon juice then grilled on skewers)

• Greek Salad (sliced tomatoes, onion, black olives and lettuce with feta cheese)

If eating Spanish:

• Gazpacho (cold soup with red peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumber soaked in oil, garlic and vinegar)

• Arroz alia Alicantina (rice with chicken)


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