Healthy Eating Tips for Get Fit Programme

This programme isn’t about losing weight, nor is about calorie counting. It is about looking at ways to eat healthily and curb any bad eating habits you may have adopted over the years.

• Drink lots of sparkling water – it fills you up, keeps you hydrated and helps flush waste products from your body. Aim for at least 8 glasses a day.

• Don’t overeat – get into a habit of eating slightly smaller portions and if you still feel hungry, wait 10 minutes before returning for a second serving.

• Eat plenty of plant-based foods such as fruit, grains and vegetables as they’re packed with nutrients. Include lean protein foods too, but only low-fat dairy products in small amounts.

• Habits are difficult to break but it isn’t impossible. Eating on the go or, worse still, eating from the bag is hardly going to do your digestive system much good. So make a rule to only eat at the table with a knife and fork.

• Don’t drink your calories – chewing takes longer and ultimately provides more satisfaction. Instead of drinking a glass of orange juice, why not eat an orange instead?

When following this 28-day programme:

• Eat regularly and enjoy your meals

• Eat a wide variety of foods

• Eat enough to maintain your weight and height

• Eat plenty of foods rich in carbohydrate and fibre

• Don’t eat too much fat

• Don’t eat sugary foods too often

• People with special dietary requirements and those under medical supervision should check with their GP to see if this balance of foods is suited to them.

• If you drink alcohol, keep within the sensible limits

• Use only moderate amounts of salt in cooking and don’t add salt to your meal

• British nutritionists recommend we should drink 1.5-2 litres (3-4 pints) of fluid a day to maintain health liquids. Most of this should be made up of water.

• Ensure you get plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet (perhaps take a supplement each day)