Home Ab Workout for Women

The Best Home Ab Workout for Women

The best home ab workout for women must be one that gets results.  It must be effective, but above all else, it must be possible.

Home Ab Workout for Women

You will want to fit it into your daily routine, so it can’t be too time consuming either, or you’ll probably give up almost as soon as you’ve started.

You may want to get the best abs results from this workout because you’re off on holiday, or just because the summer is coming and you want to get those skimpy clothes out of the wardrobe again.  Maybe you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, or even recently had a baby, and now you need to tone everything up.  Well, whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place.

To help you get the abs of your dreams, you will need to be really motivated and above all else, keep really focused.  Have a goal in mind and promise yourself that you will achieve that goal, no matter what.  But you will need a certain level of will power in this whole process too – because if you have some excess body fat to lose as well as working hard at building your abdominal definition, you will have to address your diet and nutrition.

You will need to be really focused on a healthy and balanced diet, a strength training program and some proper cardiovascular workouts in order to get results.

Lots of us are pushed for time, morning, noon and night, but if you make a promise to yourself to fit at least two to three sessions of approx 15 – 30 minute per session, into your week and into your home ab workout.  For women working towards getting themselves some amazing abs, I am sure this is possible.

So, a really good home ab workout, for women to be able to fit into their busy schedule, sometimes needs to be adapted into lots of short chunks of time. 

Home Ab Workout

For women to improve their abdominals at home, exercise equipment is not entirely necessary. However, a swiss ball or fitness ball, a mat or towel would help.  Even videos are useful too for variety and to keep you motivated with a home ab workout.  For women to enjoy their exercise more, maybe some favourite music would help.

These abdominal exercises will definitely get you started at home. But in order to get the definition you require, you will still need to add some cardiovascular exercise, preferably interval type training, to reduce excess body fat.


Sit Upshome ab workout for women

  1. Lay on your back on a mat or folded towel for comfort.
  2. Bring your knees up so they are bent, with your feet firmly on the floor.
  3. You have have your arms by your sides, folded across your chest or to make it a little harder, behind your head.
  4. Lift your chest and upper body up and reach towards your knees.
  5. Lower your upper body back to the floor and then repeat.

Try to do as many as you can in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat again.

Do as many of these sets as you can, and try to work up to about 80 – 100 repetitions each time your workout.


Cruncheshome ab workout for women

This is a slight variation of the sit up, but it requires less movement of the lower back and will be slightly more comfortable.

  1. Start in the same position as you would for a sit up, but then lift your knees and bring them up towards your chest.
  2. Curl your torso up but raise your upper body just enough to lift your shoulder blades off the floor.
  3. Squeeze your abdominal muscles for 2 seconds and then return to start position.

Again, repeat as many times as you can in 20 seconds, resting for 10 and then repeat until you can manage 100 repetitions at each workout

home ab workout for women

A variation of this exercise, is to put your legs and feet up on a fitness ball.


Fitness Ball


This is a great exercise for those of you who are struggling to get the movements exactly right.  It will take the pressure off of your back and target your abs so well that the other muscles that usually come in to play during a crunch are left well alone.

When you get the motion of the fitness ball crunch perfect, you are in for some serious muscle growth.home ab workout for women

  1. Lay face up on the ball with it under your mid to lower back.
  2. Cross your arms over your chest, rest your finger tips on your temples or place your hands behind your head.
  3. Tighten your abs as you lift your torso up off the ball, raising your head straight up towards the ceiling rather than curling it forwards towards your stomach.
  4. Lower yourself back down again and you will feel a stretch in the abs.
  5. Repeat up to 20 times, and try to do up to 3 repetitions.

Try to roll the ball backwards as you crunch forwards so that your butt gets closer to the ground as you do it, and then do the opposite on the reverse.

For a variation of this, you can twist your upper body, alternating sides as you come up.

For a slightly harder version still, twist from one side to the other in one sit up, then reverse back down and repeat again as you come up.


Cycling stomach crunch exercise

This exercise is a good way to hit the abs muscle and a great addition to the home ab workout.  For women in particular, as it hits the obliques (the waist).home ab workout for women

  1. Lie down on the floor facing up with your hands behind your head.
  2. Bring your knees in towards your chest and lift your upper back and shoulder blades off the ground straining your neck.
  3. Straighten your left leg out while at the same time turning your upper body to the right in the opposite direction, whilst bringing your left elbow towards your right knee.
  4. Change sides, bringing your right elbow towards your left knee.
  5. Continue alternating sides in a cycling or pedaling type motion for between 12 and16 repetitions.


The Plank

home ab workout for women

Another great exercise for the abdominals.  Adopt the above position and hold for as long as you can.  Try to work towards being able to do 3 repetitions.  Remember to keep you butt down and your whole body rigid and straight, whilst holding your abdominal muscles tight.

Tip: To maintain the correct technique, imagine you are pulling on your tight jeans and need to hold your stomach in.


Home Ab Workout for Women Mini Video

For more visual technique advice, watch this short video:



If you are pushed for time, perhaps at least focus on one exercise per day to see great results.

The home ab workout for women exercises mentioned above can be fitted neatly into your day, busy or not.  Try to make time for at least a couple of them as often as you can.  Every little helps as they say.

Or, if you’re feeling brave, give this a go:


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