How the 30 Day Cellulite Solutions Diet Works

How the plan works

There are three elements to this programme: diet, exercise and presentation. The diet has three phases, first to get you started slowly, next to achieve maximum weight loss and discipline and, finally, a plan for the future.

Just for the record, this first step is important. Take any sort of photo of your rear view, and keep it somewhere safe.

You need to record how you look now, otherwise you won’t know how much you have improved once you’ve been on the diet. You’re not going to look at your backside AT ALL for the next thirty days, not in a full-length mirror, not a glance behind you, nothing. You’ll want to check and see if anything earth-shattering is happening, but you mustn’t. Wait thirty days and then compare the results with your photo.

Here are the basic rules for a flawless shot:

Wear a G-string or nothing at all.

Don’t use photo flash — this has the handy habit of smoothing out all lumps and bumps and being incredibly flattering, which is not what we’re after just now! Stand in normal, clear light, preferably daylight by a window. Don’t stand in sunlight either — this also smoothes out any lumps!

Don’t lean forward or bend over. Stand completely straight, with your weight equally on both feet.

Have your feet together or nearly together — but not far apart. Take three shots of the same pose — in case one doesn’t come out.

To recap:

• Put failure behind you – don’t spend time thinking about all the diets that didn’t work.

• Concentrate on your shape and size, rather than every kilo gained or lost.

• You weren’t born with cellulite – so you can get rid of it.

• Thirty days is a quick start.

• Decide on success.

• Losing the big picture – don’t get sidetracked or seduced out of your motivation.