How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Help! I’ve let myself go!

Nobody ever just woke up fat. Nobody had smooth legs one day and cellulite the next. Your body is a growing, changing thing and cellulite happened while you were busy doing something else. While you were happily thinking you were OK, and everyone was amazed and jealous at how lucky you were to smoke and eat fast food and look so fabulous, your cellulite was in the post. Your thighs got flabby when you were having that great romance, moving house or cramming for your exams. So who’s perfect? I understand that bodies are a lot of hard work and if it’s not one thing it’s another. But only you can deal with it. You need to put failure behind you, not get bogged down with what used to be. Concentrate on the solution.

cellulite orange peel effectWomen who let themselves go say they haven’t time to stay looking good. But it’s more likely that they aren’t trying as hard as they should. Often their attempts at weight loss and exercise are half-hearted. They go through manic phases of eating kilos of fruit and wearing out the treadmill, then they don’t do anything for weeks on end. Their age or their personal circumstances affect their resolve. They think that they can’t expect to have cellulite-free legs after having two children. They’re not surprised that nothing happens because they didn’t expect much in the first place and it reinforces their beliefs. They were right to think that they couldn’t look good, so this whole process becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They are quick to blame their age when their thighs are spreading, saying that they aren’t teenagers any more, or that nobody over thirty-five has the legs they used to have. But that’s rubbish. They say that metabolism ‘automatically’ slows down into the thirties and forties, and a person’s weight is expected to rise, but that’s rubbish too. It is fashionable for diet writers to tell of their amazing battles with weight problems, and how their success story was their inspiration to write a book, but I’m sorry to report that I haven’t such a sad story to draw upon.

I’m not even half a kilo heavier now than I was 30 years ago. Apart from pregnancy, the needle hasn’t slipped one way or the other. While you might dismiss this as my being lucky or naturally slim, I’m afraid it’s neither. I haven’t gained weight because I decided I wasn’t going to. I ate this diet. I ate twice a day just as I’m going to recommend you do, and I was careful. It’s not some miracle or fantastic luck. Like everyone over the age of forty-five I expected a few pounds to creep on sometime or another and they haven’t. Don’t ever think you can’t expect much because you can. I reckoned that if it worked for me, it could work for anyone.

eat healthy to get rid of celluliteSo decide that you’re going to be slim, ignore the doom-mongers and expect to look good. Busy-busy lives are a fact of life, and while there’s a clear difference between the single girl living alone in a low-maintenance flat and the working mother of five, the trick is to organize yourself along labour-saving lines. It is hard to admit that you can’t find time for yourself, especially if you consider yourself efficient. This is how I’ve made it easy:

  • The diet has limited choice — with a basis of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds, your shopping list will be smaller and decision-making a thing of the past.
  • The diet is in two separate phases — with an optional fast-track week if you’re really struggling with motivation.
  • Each main meal has savoury options, including a cheese course. All your food preparation can be done in less than an hour, once a week. Then it’s just a case of dishing it out.
  • No time needed for travelling to the gym, parking and changing – (although if you really want to go to the gym, don’t let me stop you!) Most exercise is activity-based or done at home.
  • No time-wasting cellulite cures. This beauty plan is simple, and effective.

You’ll lose weight

Not everyone who has cellulite also needs to lose weight, but if you are more than 6 kilos over your ideal weight, expect to shed between 4.5 to 6 kilos over the initial thirty days of the Cellulite Solutions Diet. To be sure that the weight comes off your legs and bottom, don’t neglect your top half but concentrate instead on diverting the energy from your meals to the muscle structure of your chest, back and arms, thus making sure you lose inches below the waist. Losing weight will make you lighter — exercise will make your new figure noticeable.

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