How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Having cellulite is like wearing your old, grey bra the night you meet Mr Wonderful. It’s like breaking your leg during an exercise class and having the paramedics slowly take off your sweaty, smelly leggings and trainers to reveal hairy white legs. On the curl-up-and-die scale it’s smashed the glass. Your cover’s blown. Cellulite only needs to be seen once for the gossip-mongers to get hold of it, then the whole world knows about it and you’re shopping for sarongs and desperate for a chance to put the record straight. ‘It was a trick of the light!’ you cry. Sorry, but we’ve heard that one before.

Actually, cellulite isn’t funny. It’s even less funny than legs you’re always trying to cover up or a bottom with a mind of its own. It rules your life. While your man’s saying, ‘Why don’t we get up and dance?’ you’re thinking, ‘What made me put on these trousers?’ We’ve all got some body part that fixates us with its awfulness.

get rid of cellulite naturallyI get many e-mails every week, and it appears that for the majority of women, thighs are an even bigger obsession than stomachs. Can you believe it? Presumably you can, which is why you’re here. People give in to flabby stomachs because they can hide them under long sweaters and baggy tops, but they won’t put up with bad legs. Maybe it’s because we’re so in love with wearing trousers and chafing thighs hurt. Women didn’t worry about their thighs half as much years ago when we all wore skirts, and jeans were strictly for gardening. But whatever the reason, you hate your legs – and to cap it all you’ve just discovered they’ve got cellulite!

I often hear the phrase: ‘But nothing can be done about cellulite, surely? Aren’t you just stuck with it?’ No you’re not. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you’re never stuck with anything if you don’t want to be. The only thing you can’t change is your height. Your body is yours, and how it looks is down to you. You can bounce back from a serious illness, regrow a broken nail or restore your split, dry hair back to its former glory. So why not get rid of the cellulite? It takes determination and a good plan, and you will find it all here, within the Cellulite Solutions Section of It also takes perseverance. But there’s one thing I promise you: it’s worth it!

This Cellulite Solutions Section is also about getting lovely slim legs and a nice rounded bottom to top it all off. It is possible! Believe me, however far down the road of neglect you’ve gone, you only have to turn round and face the other way. This year, cellulite, flabby muscles and excess weight are going to be things of the past.

Why are we so worried about our thighs and bottom, parts of the body that spend 90 per cent of the time covered up? For the same reason that we get so stressed out about our wedding day. Just because something is once in a lifetime isn’t a reason not to bother, and just because a part of us seldom sees the light of day doesn’t mean we don’t know it’s there. And anyway, it’s not always covered up. However good your relationship is with your loved ones at home, it’s not nice to know they’re studying your wobbly bits and possibly — just possibly — saying to themselves, “She’s let herself go a bit.” It doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s better to strip off and reveal the ace up your sleeve than the joker in the pack. (‘My God, did you see her on holiday — her body’s amazing!’ has a better ring to it than, ‘Did you see her on holiday — she stripped down to her bikini and looked disgusting!’ That last observation is usually reserved for women who look enviably immaculate in the office without a hair out of place, who then kick off their shoes to reveal gnarled yellow toenails.)

People love saying that diets don’t work, but what alternative is there? They complain about the diet industry but can’t come up with anything better which gives no hope to people whose lives are blighted by their weight. Women are encouraged to love themselves whatever size they are — usually by other women who are already slim — but why should you love yourself two stone heavier than you normally are, especially if you’ve just spent the last twenty years as slim as a rake? It seems to me that right now, a diet is the best we can do.

Diet isn’t some magic pill. There isn’t a list of food you can just give to someone, and they automatically lose weight. A diet is a whole way of life. In this section, I start by looking at how you eat, when you eat and the spacing of your meals. Food is food after all, and there’s only so much exercise you can do with two arms and two legs. What’s new about my cellulite solution is that I’ve gone for something that promises both an instant improvement and a long-term plan for the rest of your life. Changing habits is the key to long-term management of cellulite, and I guarantee that once you get rid of it on this plan and get into the long-term changes you’ve made, you’ll never see that cellulite again — ever. This method works — the only other factor is your resolve to keep it up.

My testers – who were relatives and friends and clients I have met at the gym – loved the Cellulite Solutions Diet. At first they thought it went against all the advice they had ever read, which was to eat little and often, to ‘graze’ and carry healthy snacks in case they got hungry. I had them eating just two main meals a day. They couldn’t believe it. Surely they would be hungry? How could they lose weight on large evening meals with cheese to follow? I explained that the fact that they could look forward to a substantial evening meal and indeed had to eat it, meant they would eat less during the day. Without that mental get-out clause and the endless negotiating and bargaining with their consciences about what they would give up in order to justify another roast potato, they felt the stressful decisions had been taken away from them. It’s amazing how this eliminates obsession and makes waiting for a meal much easier. They began to lose weight, detoxify their bodies and get a much healthier mental attitude to food.

My diet has three great bonuses: it is simple, it works with your body rhythms and it is extremely healthy. You might expect diets to be healthy, but in fact few are. With daily lists of treats that you are supposed to be able to get away with, like crisps or bars of chocolate, or low-calorie, low-fat desserts and cereal bars, most diets are worse for you than what you were eating before! You lose weight on them because there’s less food or because the meals are exceptionally low in calories, but they’re not nutritious. This cellulite solutions diet sets you on the road to total physical improvement because it treats your body well. You’ll have better moods and more energy, smoother skin and fat loss. You will begin to love this method of dieting, you will find it easy to stick to and this investment in yourself will pay enormous dividends.

This Cellulite  Solutions Diet is a complete detoxification programme and I’ve gone back to basics. No fancy juices or shakes or intricate recipes. No self-indulgent spending on even more food in your quest to actually eat less. While you must treat your body with respect, that doesn’t mean obsessive reverence. Nobody needs masses of food and indeed, it is only since food became so available regardless of season that weight problems have got so out of hand. I’m not for one minute saying that you have been greedy, but in a sense I think we have all been greedy: we are no longer conscious of how precious food is, and we eat so easily without thinking. The result is cellulite, fat deposits and aches and pains; we can’t get up in the morning, have constipation, bad skin, bad breath — the list goes on. If you follow my advice you will be able to restore order to a body that is in chaos.

I want to thank my volunteers who tried out the Cellulite Solutions Diet. They helped me design the diet: the food you eat is only a part of the story. Meals have to fit in with different schedules — long hours or early starts. Taking food to work in containers or fitting meals in round an elderly relative, managing professional entertaining or coping in a flat with limited cooking facilities — this is where a diet succeeds or fails. I am glad to say it succeeded on all counts because my testers told me what they wanted. They all lost weight, firmed up, banished their cellulite, and were thrilled.

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