How to Lift Your Breasts

There are several different ways that you can lift your breasts, and an increasing number of women nowadays are turning to cosmetic surgery, i.e. breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, and sometimes even breast reduction which includes a lifting procedure at the same time, but obviously this is firstly expensive, secondly it is time consuming and sometimes inconvenient, and definitely comes with potential risks and complications and will certainly leave scars. Alternatively, you can simply use a very padded and uplifting push-up style bra. However, if surgery is really not for you and padded underwear isn’t what you want either, then you’ve come to the right place, because here we can show you how to lift your breasts naturally with exercise.

There are many specific exercises which can help build the chest muscles, (called the pectoralis muscles), which not only help to raise the breast tissue which lies over the pecs, but they will also help with your posture, which in turn leads to naturally lifting the breast line.

In addition to chest exercises which will help to lift the breasts, it is a good idea to incorporate some back exercises to aid the natural posture. Posture is often the root cause of the appearance of drooping breasts, with hunched or rounded shoulders and a rounded back giving the appearance of a low breast line.

Some of the very best exercises that we can show you so you learn how to lift your breasts, include:

  • any form of push-ups
  • two way flye
  • chest isolators
  • bust lifters
  • chest flyes on stability ball.

These are just a few exercises to lift the breasts, but basically the more chest exercises that you do, the stronger your chest wall will become, and the bigger your chest muscles will become also, thus naturally lifting the breast line and pushing the breast tissue up and out.

More information on how to lift your breasts with three easy breast lift exercises for women can be found here.