Everyone wants a nice round butt – a firm butt with a good shape. But you have to work at it – and work at it hard. So, we have put together a small butt lift workout plan to help you learn how to lift your butt. Read through them carefully first, examining the images. You may need to work up to the recommended three sets, but start slowly and condition your mind to perform them regularly – with the help of these great butt lift exercises, you will learn how to lift your butt!

Jump Squats 

Start by squatting really nice and low, trying to keep your knees back behind your toes (image 1). 

jump squats start position

how to lift your butt with jump squats image 1

Then power up through the jump – jumping as hard as you possibly can – that’s where you are going to get the most out of this – by pushing in that jump as hard as you possibly can every single time (image 2).

jump squats

how to lift your butt with jump squats image 2

You want to get really nice and low to get a full range of motion but you really want to work on that jump.

Perform 16 repetitions, and work up to three sets if possible. This is a hard one, but worth every second – it is an excellent plyometric exercise and will create a good high, round shape to the top of your butt.

Pilates Kneeling Rear Leg Raises

For this exercise, you need to be down on your knees and elbows on your mat. Keep your weight evenly dispersed between your elbows and your knee, keeping your first leg out, perfectly straight and lifting it up as high as you possibly can.

pilates kneeling rear leg raises - start position (image 1)

pilates kneeling rear leg raises - start position (image 1)

pilates kneeling rear raises

pilates kneeling rear raises (image 2)

Make sure you get a nice tight squeeze to your butt as you raise your rear leg, and lower it back down to the ground, barely tapping your toe on the floor and then raise it back up again. Breathe normally, keeping your lungs open but make sure your abs are nice and tight.

Keep concentrating on your form, and keep a nice clean fluid motion going until you have completed 16 repetitions on each leg, and then start again on your first side trying to complete three sets on each leg in total.

Rear Knee Bend Butt Pulses

Staying in the same position on your mat, lift your rear leg so that your foot is pointed towards the ceiling, and perform tiny pulses of movement as if you are trying to push a hole into the ceiling with your toe.

Rear Knee Bend Butt Pulses

How to Lift Your Butt with Rear Knee Bend Butt Pulses

Keep your butt as tight as you can, performing nice, quick but short rear knee bend lifts or motions.

When you have completed 16 reps with your first leg, let it drop and go ahead and repeat on the other side.


Keep going, try to do this butt lift workout routine up to three times per week, and you will discover how to lift your butt for sure!