How to Work Lower Abs to Get Toned Abs Fast

How to Work Lower Abs to Get Toned Abs Fast

with the Best Lower Abs Exercises


How to Work Lower Abs

It is important to fully understand how to work lower abs, in order to get toned abs fast. To maintain those toned abs, once you’ve achieved them, is something else again.  But I can help you with all of that, together with some of the best lower ab exercises.

how to work lower abs

Lower abs are the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle which runs vertically down each side of the anterior wall of the abdomen.  There are actually two muscles, running parallel to each other.  They are separated by a band of connective tissue.  The ‘lower abs’ are actually the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle and are sometimes referred to as our core, but we view our abdominals in two sections and we all seem to want to work them that way also.

Lower abs are the part of the abdominal wall that retains the weight of the body’s lower organs.  This area needs to be kept well toned and strong, in order that the internal organs are held in tact and in place even when the lower abs are not tensed, and especially as we bend or lift heavy objects.

So, learn how to work lower abs, put in the effort with the ab exercises, and you will get the results you want!  Try to look at it this way – every time that you perform your lower ab exercises, you are doing the power of good to your abdominals by strengthening them to hold in what could otherwise be seen as a bit of a belly.

You need to be aware that performing lower abs workouts alone will not define your abdominals enough for them to be visible; it will merely strengthen them and build their size.  It is a complete myth that performing endless sit-ups and crunches will rid you of your belly fat.  This is simply not true.  Yes, the lower abs workouts will develop your muscles, but for them to be seen, you need to hit the cardio with some high intensity interval training workouts, and correct your diet, and it is this combination that will ultimately reveal your six-pack when you get toned abs fast.

Core strength is highly relevant and very important when you know how to work lower abs.  So, performing lower abs exercises correctly is vital, as these exercises can put quite a strain on your lower back if you perform them in the wrong way.

It is of the utmost importance too, that you listen to what your body tells.  If you feel any pain in any part of your back you should stop the abs exercises immediately and check whether you were doing them correctly.  When you know how to work lower abs, and get the technique right, the only pain you should be feeling is the burn in your abdominals!

How to Work Lower Abs – Exercises

You can effectively work your abs with three non-consecutive workout sessions per week.  I say non-consecutive, because all muscles need a rest to recover from the stress they are put under as you work them.  It is the recovery that helps to build the muscle size.

Try to do between 1 and 3 sets of between 12 and 16 repetitions of each exercise.  If you find that too easy, firstly check that you are performing the exercise correctly, and secondly you could add a dumbbell or weight plate to crunches for extra resistance.

Best Lower Abs Exercises to Get Toned Abs Fast

Below is a selection of some of the very best lower abs exercises to help discover how to work lower abs.  You will get women abs if you put these best lower ab exercises to the test.

The Plank and the Modified Plank

Begin by placing your elbows and forearms on the floor (you will need a mat for this).  If you are new to working the lower abs, you can start by resting on your knees (the modified plank) and progressing to just the toes of your feet (the plank).

how to work lower abs

Hold your body in a straight line, without sagging in the middle whilst keeping your back flat, and pull your abs in tight for the best effect.

Hold this position for as long as possible, preferably 20 to 30 seconds, working up to 60 seconds, then lower and repeat 3 more times.

Knee Tucks

Start in the Plank position with your feet outstretched behind you and your ankles/lower shins on a Swiss ball.  Roll the ball up towards you with your feet, tightening your abs into a crunch as you do so.

best lower abs exercises

Reverse your feet back to starting position, and repeat.


Ball Taps

Sit on a Swiss ball or on a chair, holding your abs strong and your back straight as you sit up tall.  Place your hands behind your head.  Contract your abs tightly and lift one foot, tap it onto a medicine ball placed in front of you, lower and repeat with the other foot, alternating feet.  You will find that you are using your abs to help you keep your balance.

best lower abs exercises

This leg raise exercise requires you to use a frame which has padded arms on which you place your elbows and underside of your forearms as you hold the grip handholds to stabilize yourself, and then it allows for your legs to hang free.  It is a piece of gym equipment that can be found in any good gym or health club.


Leg Raises on Captains Chair

best lower abs exercises

Avoid swinging your legs (or using momentum to lift your legs). If you try to keep your knees bent slightly, this will help you to focus on how to work lower abs rather than on your hip flexors.

As you raise your knees and legs towards your chest, you should contract the abs.

You will definitely feel a certain tightness or “pull” in your lower abs if you raise your legs out straight in front of you as opposed to bent.  You can work up to this, as this exercise is harder than just raising your legs with your knees bent.


Reverse Crunch

Lie down on a floor mat, with your hands on the floor beside you for stability or they can be placed behind your head if you prefer.

best lower abs exercises

Raise your legs up straight with the soles of your feet pointing to the ceiling, crossing your ankles.

As you contract your abs, lift your hips up off the floor, reaching your toes up higher towards the ceiling.

This should only be a small movement, so concentrate the abs area rather than swinging your legs up from the hips.

Lower and repeat.

For some more of the best lower ab exercises to get toned abs fast, watch this short video:


Learn how to do these exercises, and you will discover how to work lower abs for maximum effect. As you progess and your abdominal muscles get stronger, your core strength will develop and you will actually stand much taller as a result of this.

The abdominal muscles are responsible for posture.  So as you stand taller, your tummy will tuck in neatly – and you will have learned how to work lower abs for sure with the very best lower ab exercises and you now know how to get toned abs fast and keep them!

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