How to Work Upper Abs to Get Toned Abs Fast

How to Work Upper Abs to Get Toned Abs Fast!

Below are some of the most effective and best upper abdominal exercises for you to discover, now that you want to know how to work upper abs.  But you will actually work the all of your abdominal muscles with any abs exercise. Whether it be those labeled as upper abdominal exercises, or as the best lower ab exercises.

how to work upper abs

When primed with the relevant knowledge of how to work upper abs, it will all seem so much easier for you and you’ll want to get toned abs fast.

It is important to remember that the abdominals are made up of several muscles, the main one actually being one long muscle which travels the entire length from the lower chest to the pelvis.  This muscle is called the rectus abdominis.

How to Work Upper Abs

Knowing how to work upper abs and putting the following upper abdominal exercises into action, will inspire you to get toned abs fast!

Upper Abdominal Exercises

Swiss / Exercise Ball Crunch

get toned abs fast

The Swiss ball or exercise ball is great to strengthen the upper abdominals and is highly effective at targeting the relevant muscle areas.

Because you will require your feet and legs to stabilize yourself on the ball, the upper abs will be doing most of the work and you will find this concentrates the area intensely.

  • Lay back, positioning the ball just below your lower back.
  • You can either cross your arms over your chest, place your fingertips at your temples, or lace your fingers behind your head.
  • As you lift your upper body off the ball, contract your abs.
  • Try to keep the ball stable at all times.
  • Lower yourself back down onto the ball, enough to stretch your abs.

Vertical Leg Crunchget toned abs fast

  • Lay on the floor, lifting your legs straight up with the soles of your feet pointing to the ceiling, crossing your ankles.
  • Place your hands behind your head or on the floor beside you for support.
  • Contract your abs as you lift your chest up towards your feet – your shoulder blades and upper body should lift off the floor.
  • Lower your upper body and repeat.

Crunch with Arms Raisedhow to work upper abs

This form of the floor crunch is a little bit more challenging and offers a degree more difficulty.

  • Lie down on a floor mat, with your arms extended straight out behind your head and with hands held together.
  • As you lift your shoulder blades up off the floor, whilst keeping your arms straight, remember to contract your abs.
  • Lower to the floor and repeat.

Bodyweight and Weighted Incline Crunchhow to work upper abs

For this exercise you will most probably need to be in a gym as a reverse incline board or bench is required.

  • Hook your feet under the brace and lay back with your knees slightly bent up.
  • You can perform this exercise either without any added weight or with a weight disc or plate that would ordinarily be used to add to a barbell.  This is easiest to hold, as it is flat.  If you start without any weight, continue performing and repeating until more resistance can be managed.  And to increase resistance more as you progress, elevate the incline of the bench more.
  • Raise your upper body up from the bench, flexing at the waist.  Try to keep your lower back on the bench, raising your torso as high as you can. Return to laying position, with shoulders touching the incline bench.
  • Repeat.

Dumbbell Push Sit Up

Again, either a flat or reverse incline bench is required for this exercise. The incline can be elevated more to increase to work upper abs

  • Position your feet under the foot pad and lay back on either a flat or an incline bench, holding dumbbells in both hands, immediately above the shoulders.
  • Raise your upper body up from the bench as high as you possibly can, by bending at the waist, to an almost upright position.
  • Return to original position with the back of your shoulders touching the bench.
  • Repeat.

Throughout the whole execution of this upper abdominal exercise, so that the technique is performed correctly, keep the dumbbells positioned above your shoulders.

Dumbbell Push Crunch on Reverse Incline Bench

This should be performed on a steep incline bench, position your feet under the footpad. Take dumbbells, one in each hand, and hold immediately over to work upper abs

  • Raise upper torso up from the bench, flexing at the waist and keeping your lower back close to the bench.
  • Return to laying position, with shoulders touching the incline bench.
  • Keep the weights above your shoulders throughout the complete movement.
  • Repeat.

Perfect the technique for these upper abdominal exercises, and you’ll know how to work upper abs to get toned abs fast for your perfect six-pack.

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