How Women Get Abs

Ever Wondered Exactly How Women Get Abs?

So, you’re looking to find out how women get abs?

how women get abs

Men and women alike love abs. They love the definition. It seems that everyone wants to have them, but few achieve that defined shrink-wrapped look.

Whether you are looking to achieve that amazing six-pack and maximum abdominal development, or whether you’re just after losing a bit of excess body fat that has settled around your mid-section, then there are three main areas that need to be addressed. But anything is possible if you put your mind to it, stay focused and stay motivated and you can get the abdominals you desire.

Strong abdominals muscles will strengthen your lower back, whilst also improving your posture. Believe it or not, many lower back related injuries occur through the abdominal muscles being too weak.

how women get abs

It’s actually not a difficult thing to achieve; it’s just that most people don’t have the will power or the motivation to stick at it and to achieve the defined look they crave. And a lot of people don’t actually know how they can go about it in the first place.

I will tell you from first hand experience that, if you try to focus on the correct nutrition, combine this with strength training your abdominal muscles and the right type of cardio work, then you will certainly see and get improved results and achieve the body and health you desire.

However, if you try to focus on the correct nutrition, combine this with strength training your abdominal muscles and the right type of cardio work, then you will certainly see and get improved results.

So, this is how women get abs, with a combination of the following points:

1.  Correct Diet and Nutrition

Just because you go to the gym regularly or you’re working out at home, or even outdoors, but exercising on a regular basis, doesn’t mean you should use this as an excuse to over indulge at meal times or generally throughout the day. Your hard work will only pay off if you stick to a healthy diet.

You will find that getting rid of body fat is more a result of proper nutrition, than incorporating an endless cardio regime into your life. When all is said and done, if you have consumed more calories over a period of time than you have expended, you will gain body fat. Simple as that, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Healthy and correct nutrition is very important, because it is possible to reduce the amount of calories you consume, which thus has a massive effect on the amount you will need to expend through cardiovascular exercise.

Avoiding meals to cut down on calorie intake is a total waste of time. It’s almost as bad as over eating.

Our bodies require more protein when we are aiming to build muscle mass – the tightly wound protein molecules that go to make up the muscle fibres are damaged during a workout, and because of this you will need to consume more protein than normal to help your muscle tissue to repair itself. So, your protein intake should be kept quite high – approx 50% of your daily calorific intake, and it is still important to consume carbs too – these should be about 40% and fats about 10%.

Whilst carbs play an important part within your nutritional requirements, you should not base a complete meal on them. Nor should you cut them out entirely – don’t make the mistake of eliminating all of your complex carbohydrates from your diet as this will impair your metabolism.

Simple sugars such as cane sugar or those found in fruit juice, honey, syrup etc., should be avoided at all costs.

And hydration is fundamental to any form of weight training or exercise. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, as this will help with the absorption and digestions and nutrients. It will also help to flush any toxins from the body.

When women are trying to cut down their overall body fat to reveal their muscles below and achieve the six pack ab look, it is important to eat between 5 and 6 small, balanced meals spaced regularly, maybe about 3 to 4 hours apart. Keeping something healthy to eat close to hand throughout the day is great for when that hunger moment creeps up, and that way healthy can be the first snack choice over junk.

how women get abs

2.  Correct Cardio Workout

So, you may well have the best, most amazing set of muscular abs on the planet, but if they are hidden by a layer of fat, then what’s the point and who will ever see them!

You need to get rid of that excess layer of body fat and to do this you will need to introduce some worthwhile cardio sessions into your fitness regime.

It is impossible to ‘spot-reduce’ body fat in this area simply by doing excessive amounts of abdominal exercises, such as sit-ups or crunches and you will need to burn the fat doing intense cardio workouts to define the area properly.

Strength training your abdominals alone is not enough to get results, and your cardio workouts will need to be quite intense to work effectively.

Perform between 3 and 4 sessions per week of intense running, cycling, using the cross trainer, skipping, swimming, aerobics classes etc to help rid your body of the excess fat which is currently covering your abs. High intensity interval training is especially effective and should help to burn up the calories fast.

3.  Strength Training with Weights for the Abdominals

Contrary to popular belief, abdominal training does require some form of added weight or resistance. To merely tone them, crunches and sit ups are great but if you’re going for real definition, then you need to add resistance to build them and strengthen them properly.

A combination of all three of the above factors is crucial when understanding how women get abs, but above all else, remember that your mind plays a crucial part in this whole process too, as it controls everything that you do, from the physical exercise to eating the right nutrition.