How Women Get Abs – Top 3 Tips

How Women Get Abs – Top 3 Tips

You want to know how women get abs top 3 tips? Well I can reveal them here – the mistakes to avoid and the top 3 things you can do to get results fast.

how women get abs - top 3 tips

I can show you how to get women abs and I can show you how to change the way your body looks, for the better.  Are you fed up with dieting, because you’ve tried the pills and diet shakes, and you know you can’t survive on one stick of celery a day?

I can show you a way to achieve the body of your dreams – a way that allows you to eat a whole lot more than any calorie cutting diet, and still lose body fat and gain defined muscles in places that you really want them – so, you want me to tell you how to get abs?  Women, I’ve got news for you – you can do all of this and achieve the success you deserve!

What is so desirable about having fantastic ripped abs?  You’ll look great, you’ll feel great and above all else, you’ll have more energy than you ever had!

So, to get women abs, and believe me, you can get them – all you need is a little discipline, motivation and to find a routine that you know you can stick to.

To achieve and maintain that amazing shrink-wrapped look or the much desired and greatly admired washboard abs look, you will firstly need to know how to get in shape.

You will only get in shape by knowing how women get abs top 3 tips, which are:

  1. The right and the best abs exercises for the definition that you so crave – the best abs exercise for women;
  2. The right and the best abs exercises for losing fat to reveal those amazing abs – the best abs exercise workout routine; and
  3. By getting your nutrition levels right, ie. eating the right things – perhaps we should call it your abs diet program.

Once you know all of these things, it will seem so simple to you.  If I can do it, then anyone can do it!!

1.  The Best Abs Exercise for Women

We’ll start with the best abs exercise.  For women to achieve the six-pack of their dreams, they must follow a fairly strict abs exercise workout routine, together with, as I mentioned above, a healthy and balanced nutritional intake, or abs diet program.  The complete routine will involve cardio work at a high intensity level to burn the excess fat.

Speaking from personal experience, I would say that the pull-up is the best abs exercise.  For women just starting this whole abs exercise workout routine however, it may not be the easiest, as, to perform this exercise a fair amount of upper body strength is required.  As I said though, I believe it is truly the very best abs exercise.  For women to perform this exercise, they should be at a fairly high level of fitness and strength, so maybe I can suggest some other abs exercises for the beginners amongst you.

The following video detailing a knee to chest abdominal exercise is a great one to start with, together with the exercises in the best home ab workout for women article.  If you are slightly more advanced, but can’t quite manage the pull-ups just yet, you could try the medicine ball crunch – again detailed in the following video.

2.  Abs Exercise Workout Routine

If you are determined to get women abs, then the abs exercise workout routine must not only include exercises for the abs, but it must also include a level of high interval cardio training.

High interval training is where you intermittently perform cardiovascular exercise at a higher intensity for say 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest / exercise at a lower intensity, followed again by the higher intensity 20 second blast and so on.  This will need to be performed for a minimum of 5 minutes per workout session, and you could try to include three or four quick 5-minute blasts throughout your abs exercise workout routine, although one is sufficient when you start on your mission to get toned abdominals.  You could try running, cycling, the stair climber or cross trainer at the gym, rowing – any type of cardio exercise.  Even swimming is another great exercise you could use as part of your high intensity interval training too.

This is absolutely great for fat burning and will continue to burn up those calories even after you have left the gym.  So, as you work on developing those abdominal muscles, you will slowly see them revealing themselves as you shed the fat.

3.  Abs Diet Program

So, now you need to address the way you are eating as you get in the swing of your new routine to get abs.

Women carry more body fat than men on their stomach and hips area, and when strength training to develop muscular definition, they need to follow a specific abs diet program.  Not a diet where it leaves them hungry.  And certainly not a diet where you have to cut out absolutely everything that you love.  Just a healthy, balanced plan, which includes lots of healthy, fresh foods.

When women aim for toned abdominals, they don’t usually have the same targets as male bodybuilders – men usually aim to gain weight in order to achieve an all over bigger muscular physique, and hence they require lots more calories than women.

Women however, when following an abs diet program, will still need to consume lots of the following foods:

  • Protein (fish, poultry, meat, eggs, nuts)
  • Cottage cheese is great because it is low fat
  • Vegetables
  • Wholegrain foods
  • Healthy fats

how women get abs top 3 tipsIt helps if you can eat between 5 and 6 smaller meals during the day, rather than 3 big ones. If you can’t manage this however, you could perhaps have a protein drink or protein bar between your regular meals.

Try to cut down on your carbohydrate intake as well, as this will help in your quest to lose excess belly fat to reveal those all important toned abdominals.

And finally, always drink plenty of water as you work out.  This is of utmost importance, as growing muscles require sufficient hydration to add mass.

Try to stick within these guidelines – you can eat lots of healthy foods when you are training to build muscles and doing cardio as well.  As I said, stick to the guidelines to avoid making costly mistakes, and by costly, I mean things that will hold you back when you want to get women abs.  So, maybe try to avoid the following foods if you can:

  • Avoid anything that says it is the “healthy option” or “low fat” – it invariably contains lots of sugar.  Sugar is of no use to the body whatsoever, especially when you are trying to lose body fat and reveal your abs.
  • Avoid pre-packaged ready meals – they are packed with added sugars.
  • Avoid so called “healthy” fruit juices – they are packed with added sugars.
  • Even eating too much fresh fruit can hold you back – whilst fruit contains natural sugars in the form of fructose, which is a good sugar, the body still does need too much sugar.

As you achieve your goals, your self confidence will rocket, and you will never look back – you know you can get women abs and the body you deserve and you know that once you’ve got it, that you will keep it forever!

Stay motivated, persevere and you will reach your target!  Now that you know the how women get abs top 3 tips, what’s stopping you? Try the following ab workouts and see for yourself:

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