Importance of Understanding Healthy Weight Loss

understanding healthy weight loss


It is important to realize that, how much weight you want to lose and how much is realistic in a given time frame, may be two different things. Being realistic about what you can achieve is vital. How much time are you willing and able to put in? How many changes can you make at once? Weight loss isn’t an all or nothing thing. Just because you won’t fit into a size 10 by your next holiday, does that mean it’s not worth doing at all? Think of approaching weight loss in terms of bite-size goals. What can you do right now? Now may not be the right time to go the whole hog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything towards dropping a size.

Imagine you’re relaxing with a group of friends, enjoying a bottle of wine and a bowl of tortilla chips while discussing the latest diet you’ll start next Monday. The good intention is there, but it isn’t a ‘now’ intention. Ask yourself what you can do now? Well for a start you can stop hogging the wine and eating most of the tortilla chips! You can ditch the sugar from your tea. At lunchtime, forgo the mayonnaise, butter and other added fats. Ask for skimmed milk in your cappuccino. Walk to school to pick up the kids instead of driving. It’s the drip drip effect — all these small things are positive steps towards your ultimate goal. Do what you can do now — and praise yourself for it.



Can I drop a dress size – just on my bottom half?

Unfortunately, you can’t choose where the weight comes off. You might want to lose a size on your hips and gain one on your bust — no can do! The body loses fat from all over, not just from where you want it to. And the idea that you can `burn’ fat from specific areas — a concept known as spot reduction — is a myth. In fact, in one study, subjects performed a vast number of sit-ups over a few weeks and lost not a single gram of fat from their abdominal regions. However, an appropriate exercise program will help to firm up slack muscles and create a streamlined, balanced silhouette. This is one reason why exercise is such a crucial part of your DAS plan.


How long will it take to drop a dress size?

To drop a dress size, you need to lose at least 2.5cm/1in off your bust, 4cm/1.5in off your waist and 4cm/1.5in off your hips — that’s a total of 10cm/4in. Men need to lose at least 2.5cm/ 1in from the waist and the same from the chest — a total of at least 5cm/2in. The amount of effort and time you are willing to put in will dictate how long it takes to drop a dress size, but don’t be too impatient for results. Bear in mind the story of the tortoise and the hare. You can drop a dress size very quickly if you want to and if the time is right for you. However, it may not be the right time for you to drop a dress size in just two weeks and you may find it a lot more pleasurable and attainable if you take it a little more slowly. If you do it slowly you’re also more likely to sustain the weight loss. And this is when it becomes a healthy weight loss.


Will I always be able to stay at my new size?

In a word, no. As we age, physiological and metabolic processes slow down, often resulting in weight gain. This doesn’t mean you’ll inevitably gain weight, never to lose it. Life is continually changing and there will be times when it will be very hard to stay at your new size — you may even find that occasionally you gain a size. Conversely, there are times when the weight seems to just fall off without much effort. Learning how to respond to your body’s needs, both — physically and mentally, will enable you to stay within a healthy weight range — and to return to your ideal size — throughout your life.