Is it Possible to Lose Cellulite?

Is it possible to lose cellulite? Oh yes. But you have to work at it. You don’t get anything for nothing these days, and getting rid of cellulite certainly comes at a price. Hard work that is.

If you really want to get rid of the cottage cheese or orange peel effect from the backs of your thighs, from your buttocks, hips or even tummy, then you have to be prepared to work at it.

Exercise is the answer!! Yes and I mean exercise that will most likely make you sweat – you know what I mean. Put the effort in and you will be repaid with satisfying results.

A combination of cardiovascular exercise or activity, together with some strength or resistance training (muscle building workouts) is what is called for in order to create a smoother appearance to the surface of the skin in the cellulite affected areas.

The cardio exercise activity will burn excess calories and fat from the affected areas of your body, and the anaerobic exercise or resistance training will, in time, build the size of your muscles. Muscle growth calls for extra calories too in order for them to increase in size, so they will be burning up excess fat from the fat stores within the body also. Over a period of time, as the fat on your body decreases, and the muscle mass increases, the muscles beneath the skin become more apparent and visible, thus creating a smoother and more toned appearance to the surface of the skin – thus losing the cellulite caught up within the ‘pockets’ beneath.

The body will call for lots of water at this time, as well as a low-fat, healthy and balanced diet of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, nuts and pulses.

With the combination of a good diet plan and a great exercise routine, you will find that you can lose cellulite from those unsightly affected areas on your thighs, buttocks and hips.

So, here you are, the best exercises to lose cellulite, that you will find on the internet.

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