Leg Exercises for Women

We all want lovely toned legs, especially in the summer when they are much more visible in  shorts and skirts, or holiday clothes. Here are a couple of great leg exercises for women to tone the thighs and butt region.

Leg exercises are what you need to be doing if you are after nice shapely thighs and a more toned and shapely butt with it, so make sure you read and follow this advice for two super leg exercises for women and see how easy it is to get great results.

The first thing we are going to be doing is the closing squat: 

Closing Squat Using Swiss Ball 

To help you to learn how to activate those muscles in your legs and butt, you need to start by using an exercise ball. 

An exercise ball allows a wide range of exerci...

Place the exercise ball against the wall, and stand with your back against the ball – (basically the ball is between the wall and your back). Put your legs nice and close together – don’t let your knees move and as you go down, try to make it as deep as you can and when you get to the bottom, I want you to lift your toes up just a fraction so you’re feeling the pressure, and pushing up through your heels and up into your butt. Breathe in as you go down, and breath out as you come back up again, squeezing your butt cheeks together.

You will feel a burn in your quadriceps (thigh muscles) and your glutes (butt muscles) as you push up. Squeeze your butt hard as you do so for extra effect.

To make this exercise a little harder, you can grab yourself a couple of weights.  

Follow this with the more traditional squat, with or without a weight, but you will notice results quicker if you do use weights for this exercise.

The Squat

An alternative to this type of squat with the ball, is the regular squat. For this you can use a couple of dumbbells, one in each hand, or even a barbell placed across your shoulders if you prefer.

leg exercises for women
leg exercises for women - the squat starting position - image 1

As you squat down, breathe in, and as you push back up to standing, you breathe out.

the squat
leg exercises for women - the squat image 2

Your feet should be turned slightly outwards, your knees do not extend further forward than your toes and you should squeeze your butt cheeks tight together as you push up from the heels.

Try to complete 3 sets of 16 repetitions of each of these leg exercises for women. Incorporate them into your regular exercise routine at least two times per week, leaving 2-3 days before you repeat them.