Lower Back Exercises for Women

When you have done your ab exercises, you should work your lower back muscles too to keep a complete core strength. Those lower back problems that you have are probably because you use your lower back as a stablizer so much, but you really don’t focus on strengthening it Possibly, t lacks the strength that it actually needs – maybe you are depending too much on your lower back and not tensing your abdominal muscles when you need to – so you need to work the lower back as well.

Superwoman Lower Back Exercise

Lie flat on your front on your mat, with your hands under your chin or to the sides of your head, or temples. Then lift both your upper body and your lower body (legs – keeping them straight) up, squeezing your lower back at the same time – almost into a Superman position – but we prefer Superwoman in this instance, seeing as these are lower back exercises for women after all! You should do this exercise very slowly, you don’t want a jerking motion, as you want to treat your lower back with sensitivity – you don’t want to injure it.

lower back exercises for women
lower back exercises for women

If you find it a little too difficult to lift both your legs and upper body at the same time, then you can work one end of your body at a time if you prefer, ie. lift your shoulders and head and upper body for 12-15 repetitions, followed by raising your legs 12-15 times too.

So, there are variations here for you to get what you need, based on your limitations, and hopefully you have very few.